In the Age of COVID-19, by Diane R. Wiener

In the Age of COVID-19, Diane R. Wiener Comments on Amy Cohen Efron’s The Periodic Table of Hate and Intolerance. Trigger Warnings (TW) In this blog, I will use content or “trigger” warnings. “Triggers” are representations of subjects that have the potential to cause emotional pain or distress; triggers can also manifest or change, over time.  TW: slurs, profanity, hate […]
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Wordgathering Journal Vol. 14, Issue 1 : March 2020

It is a great honor that two of my artworks are featured in one of the most prestigious disability-related literature and poetry journal, called Wordgathering! Amy Cohen Efron successfully participated in Facebook’s De’VIA Central’s February Art Challenge. The motif on the third day of the challenge was SHADOW, representing something as hidden or as a message. Her photograph, Language First, […]
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