and CNN’s iPad App has CAPTIONS!


Today, Monday, September 24, 2012 CNN updated their app for iPad devices which includes the closed captioning feature! Also, on the website, there is a CC button available on video clips, but no captions just yet.

For more information how I have blogged about CNN’s lack of captioning their online content in past few years since 2009! Three years of waiting especially our advocacy work with CVAA and FCC’s guidelines and deadlines, when push comes with shove… CNN finally released closed captioning features.

Here’s the video….

Thank you!

Amy Cohen Efron

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11 comments on “ and CNN’s iPad App has CAPTIONS!

Closed Captioning for the Live TV stream is available now! HLN, too.

Just downloaded CNN for iPad and there’s no way to get captions…. YET!

Thanks for the heads up! Will check it out…and also the iOS youtube app has captions now…found that out by accident a few days ago.

The National Association of the Deaf has made captioning their priority. Despite the fact it is not an answer many deaf/HOH people want. Why? Because it has not advanced in technology. Many hearing people laugh at how ridiculous CC truly is. If you want equal and that means EQUAL (the same) Demand subtitles of the original script. Everything is pre recorded in today’s society. There is no reason why production companies can not add subtitle feature when making the original. It is a cop out for the government to think the Deaf individual is satisfied with closed caption capabilities. It is a fail! Closed caption devices work by audible recognition of words. If their is back ground noise, music, more than one person speaking or if the person has an accent – CC cannot decipher. If you read the script and compared the two working side by side anyone would see how bad CC is for news situations, movies and phone. Voice to text messaging is just as lousy when you need real information.
YouTube is pre recorded, make the up-loader’s be responsible for following the law and add the script to their videos. I actually preferred when a company typed the news at the bottom of the screen in real time. At least then I actually got some information that was not gibberish. And commercials – need to add subtitles on the screen and follow laws too.
Everyone looks for cheap, lazy ways to address problems – What happened to pride – producing high quality technology??

No captions on my iPad! 🙁

I searched high and low for the captions. If anyone knows, please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

Nevermind…..downloaded a wrong CNN app and downloaded a correct one and tested it. IT DOES WORK!!!!! YAY!

CC still not available for computer viewing, CC button is there, but greyed out. CNN still breaking the law.

GLAD has filed a lawsuit against CNN last year and there will be a hearing in March as CNN is appealling the judge’s decision which is not making CNN happy.

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