Public Service Announcements in China using ASL/CSL

I wanted to share three video links that I learned from the Gallaudet’s Consumer, Family and Community Advocacy training led by Kevin Nolan, Jr.

Kevin Nolan, Jr. is a dynamic instructor and he shared his passion working with Deaf people in China. He mentioned about working with these people and they created several Public Service Announcements.

I was blown away, and that is something we all can do that in United States!

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12 comments on “Public Service Announcements in China using ASL/CSL

I am very impressed! It is so cool. I think that the video should be shown in every school.

Champ! That’s exact what Ryan C. was trying to tell us. The magic word… Media!
I was watching commercial recently and saw African American cop drove by and looked at white driver who seem to get in trouble. That’s media. To show that African-American do have that job too!!!

Thnak you for sharing this with us.

This reminds me of the series of television ads I’ve seen within the past year – aired by Gillette Healthcare. has some of the ads. Their tagline is “Pity. It’s 100% curable.” The videos I’ve seen are at – not captioned, I don’t think. But doesn’t really need captions.

awesome videos!!!! thanks for brightening up my day with those videos!!!!

Wow… Beautiful… Positive way of promote the awareness about Deaf. Media is a powerful tool. Many of us can use the idea like that for here in USA.

I don’t mean to hijack your blog post but I want to share what I learned some years ago.

Some years ago, I believe, on the old forum DEAF-L, a person, whose name I am ashamed to say that I never memorize, wrote that given that the technologies for hearing continue to improve and advance, the saying about deaf doing anything except hear is becoming outdated. He wrote that instead of saying “Deaf can do anything except hear.”, people can start say, “Deaf can do everything including hear.” (or something like this).

He gave me the new perspective that I never saw before. This reminds me of your other blog post that discussed on the word “but”.

Just a thought.

Joseph Pietro Riolo

Wow! I remember I saw it before and now it is refresh for us to be able to do anything! Thanks!

Amazing piece of work!

China is indeed passing us by.



Wow! Those are really great. USA should take that cue and spread out more in USA. For TV commercial, schools, etc. That would be great to show the people how beautiful ASL really is.

Insane Misha

thanks for finding those PSAs for us. Wish I’d seen them on actual TV. Guess most of them showed in China. Anyway, that old line “Deaf people can do anything but hear” is kind of audist to me. Really, the most appropriate thing to say would be “Deaf people can do anything!” (without “but hear”). Agree?

Impressive! This might not exactly be the age of the cochlear implant, but it certainly is the age of the media revolution where deaf people are concerned. Way to go!

Interesting idea, Amy! I’d also like to see a PSA here that shows how diverse the d/Deaf community is, with the various communication methods from Deaf culture, oral HOH and C.I. deaf, to show the world that indeed “Deaf people can do anything!”

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