Vancouver Congress 2010 Update II – Attachments

Hello all,

This is what you all are waiting for… a tangible document from ICED in Vancouver, as known as Vancouver Congress 2010.

Wayne Sinclair, a tireless Deaf advocate and retired educator from Vancouver, BC Canada was mentioned in the article from Peach Arch News, explaining about International Congress on the Education of the Deaf in Vancouver.

ICED meets globally every five years to discuss education of deaf children, and when Sinclair learned this year’s convention is scheduled for July 19 in Vancouver, Sinclair saw it as an opportunity to take action.

Sinclair wrote in the email at 9:20 am Vancouver, BC time with an intent to share with others.

“This is one of the four original copies of the New Era document. It is B.C.
Deaf Community’s copy. Share with others. It will be on loan to WIDHH for two or
three years while I negotiate with the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in
Winnipeg for a permanent transfer and display there.”

Vancouver Congress 2010 Statement
Click here to read
Vancouver Congress 2010 Statement
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Vancouver Congress 2010 Statement
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Sinclair added,

“Two other copies will go to the Canadian Association of the Deaf and the World
Federation of the Deaf. The fourth copy will serve as a Legacy Copy and be
passed from one ICED to another and also between WFD and ICED to collect more
signatures. The U.N. will be made aware of this by the WFD later this year.

There were a lot of tears when an ICED 2010 Organizing Committee member
announced before 725 people that the 1880 Milan Resolutions were rejected. It
received a loud standing applause. The Minister of Education of British Columbia
was present at the meeting. It happened yesterday morning, July 19th. 2010. Good
riddance to 1880! PAH!

Share with others. Let the four copies of the document make a noise louder than
the shot heard around the world during the American Revolution!

Lots of work ahead but the 1880 Milan is gone forever! We are getting there!
Many thanks to the many local Deaf community members, to the CAD, to the WFD,
and to an amazingly large number of world community members for their strong

Now…in a nutshell…WOW!”

and Roslyn “Roz” Rosen who is a representative for National Association of the Deaf at Vancouver ICED conference, and she shared her thoughts in this email.

“Vancouver ICED is going great. The New Era resolution has been read to the
plenary audience (and got a standing ovation) and signed (see attached) by the
main players who organized ICED 2010 and deaf community. Now it is being signed
by ICED participants. About 200 of the 500 participants have already signed it.
Itll then be given to Markku on Thurs to bring to WFD 2011 So Africa for more
signatures. Spirit, hope and possibility of effective partnerships are much
better here than 5 years ago.”

Amy Cohen Efron here: This is a monumental step for the Deaf History, and spread the word around! That’s what Wayne and Roz wanted us to do. Spread the word! Share this with the media! Share with your neighbors! Share!

Amy CohenEfron

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That is not a “resolution.” It is a “Statement of Principle,” as listed at the top.


What are you trying to imply? If you are not happy about this, then go and FLY to Vancouver and do something.


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Which members of the ICED Organizing Committee have personally signed this document?

Yup… It’s good to see the documents and we know the rumor is true.

Two questions are:

Anything related to deaf education from ICED carries more weight in Europe than here in America? Here in America, parents have the final say. I don’t know much about Europe though.

How would the apology change the face of the deaf education?

An update…ICED registration stands at about 800. Approximately 400 have signed the New Era Document. Another significant feature of this ICED event is the 25% Deaf participation, an all-time high. We hope to build further on creating/solidifying partnerships among stakeholders in each country.

> Which members of the ICED Organizing Committee have personally signed this document?

I received a reply to my email to Dr. Claire Anderson, in which she has confirmed that she signed the original document itself (along with the other 3 main signators), and that ALL of the organizing committee signed the book of signatures.

Ok, it’s starting to feel a whole lot realer now…

– Linda

This is a blessing in disguise to us working with deaf people in Lima, Peru. There is a school for the deaf that it is supposed to be 50% hearing and the other half deaf. But, all teachers are hearing and do not sign!!!! Trained interpreters are not allowed. Those available are being bypassed. Please, write to the Peruvian Government on this very issues. Deaf children without Sign Language are forced to endure long hours of schooling. Teachers do not use Sign Language but want to use signs and talk at the same time. Children do not understand it. They do not want to admit that Sign Language is a language in its own right. They think that with one month training, it is good enough to go into the classroon and teach a class to deaf children

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