Amy Cohen Efron is FURIOUS!

Amy Cohen Efron expresses her feelings when receiving a postcard from Gallaudet University’s Development Office asking for contributions/donations to the James Lee Sorenson Language and Communication Center in this afternoon.

The wordings on the fancy postcard really irate me tremendously! There is NO mention about American Sign Language or Deaf History on this postcard, except emphasizing:

“We have a building where the visual language of deaf people is the foundation of a building that prominently features a department devoted to audiology and speech language pathology.” ( I added bold and italics myself.)

That is not the spirit of GALLAUDET I know!

Send this postcard back with NO THANKS on it!

What is WRONG with printing ASL and DEAF HISTORY on this postcard?? What is wrong with saying American Sign Language is the visual language of deaf people? Why????

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206 comments on “Amy Cohen Efron is FURIOUS!


Ron at have been trying hard to draw attention on how SLCC is going to be used, and now what you have in your hands is direct evidence. This is NOT RIGHT!

Thanks, Amy, for this alert!

I got this too — and I was disgusted.


We need to spread this to our Gallaudet alma mater and friends urge them NOT to send any money toward SLCC project. Do forward the link to everyone on your list and emphasize (AGAIN) that no money should be sent!


Thanks Amy for getting to us so quickly.

My wife and I got that card today too and I kept on reading it several time looking for ASL and could not really figure out what it is really for. I had some doubts. Also I looked for GUAA and see if they are involved but no GUAA.
I will only wait til I see GUAA before I donate any monies to Gallaudet, and hope the same for the other alumni members not to donate unless they see GUAA involvement.

John F. Egbert


You get a good point!

Thanks for this alert!

Amy Cohen Efron here…

I want to type every single word on this postcard to give you a feeling why I am very furious…

Front of Postcard – “HELP US BUILD THE FUTURE”


The James Lee Sorenson Language and Communication Center can only happen at Gallaudet University. The building will showcase what Gallaudet University is uniquely qualified to do. Any university can build a new building. What makes this building different is that it will represent what can only happen at Gallaudet. In a way, the building is microcosm of Gallaudet and the future. Only at Gallaudet can we have a building where the visual language of deaf people is the foundation of a building that prominently features a department devoted to audiology and speech language pathology. We can begin to explore the borders and boundaries between the visual and the auditory means of communicating.

Disgusting eh?

We have to do something about it! I am glad you shared this with us and I haven’t gotten anything in the mail yet. Enough is enough on ignoring ASL.

I got it two hours ago. nice nice post card. i was fascinated with the creative post card.. i like the artistic postcard.. beautiful… i wanted my name engraving the brick… to build the building. oh oh.. i was tricked. no way… i have to send the post card back to Gally. Thanks for warning. Ron of SaveGally, Dont stop fighting.. We will have so many hearies with no sign skills… all over the campus. stop them before they start to decorate their offices in the second floor over ASL Dept on ground floor… mocking them. Thanks Amy. Sorry you have to be angry. Thanks for alerting us.

Frankly, I am happy that more and more Deaf people are expressing true feelings like anger! Somehow we are often taught that anger is bad. Anger is NOT always bad! I think it is very important for us to be in touch with our feelings and show to the world that we are not happy with how we are treated. The postcard went straight to our kitchen garbage can! No money for them.

Sigh! The protesters united us to overthrow Fernandes. We have to do it again to overthrow SLCC! Preserve Gallaudet! Remember MSA letter?? Even MSA agreed we can’t be everything to all of people? Gallaudet needs to find its niche to compete with other universities by offering something different and that is ASL!!! That’s always been Gallaudet’s strength before Jordan and Fernandes came and destroyed Gallaudet’s image. We must unite to restore Gallaudet’s reputation and image.

say no to ears & mouth.

That’s why I brought up the “legal injunction” to halt the SLCC construction in the first place on Ron Fencile’s “Save Gallaudet University” website to force the Gallaudet adminstration to sit down and negotiate on the building design/

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Wow! I don’t understand what they are trying to do. They forgot that Gallaudet University is purposed for all Deaf people with ASL. Not learn how to speech or fix our hearing (audism). I am wondering what does Dr. Davila think of this? Does he know? Is he part of it or not aware of it? I would like to hear his comment about this.

Thanks Amy for sharing with us all. ASL is very precious to us! We need to build up the foundation of ASL that we give our sign (“voice”) to shake Gallaudet.

Wow! I don’t understand what they are trying to do. They forgot that Gallaudet University is purposed for all Deaf people with ASL. Not learn how to speech or fix our hearing (audism). I am wondering what does Dr. Davila think of this? Does he know? Is he part of it or not aware of it? I would like to hear his comment about this.

Thanks Amy for sharing with us all. ASL is very precious to us! We need to build up the foundation of ASL that we give our sign (“voice”) to shake Gallaudet.

Yeah, it is 2007. We don’t need to go thru dark age AGAIN!!!! Enough is enough! Amy, thank you for sharing your angry with us.

Wow… since I recieved that same postcard that you showed, I thought they need some donation from all of us, but I did not realized that postcard has not said about ASL. I can see your point. Thanks for letting all of us know over the world, also a big alert!


Exactly! Not only did I experience a deep sense of disgust but I also felt intellectually insulted. Never would I, ever, send a dime to SLCC whose hidden name is THE EAR CENTER.

Jean La Sourde et Muette

We must email and tell them to reopen and investigate the true mission of SLCC! The more emails they get the better! So please email them now! We must change the mission of SLCC! SLCC was secretly planned by the corrupted leaders of King and Jane plus whoever else was invovled!

Nice vlog. I want those who don’t understand ASL and those who are deafblind to know what Amy was saying, so here is my own attempt at a transcript. It is probably somewhat inaccurate but hopefully captures the spirit of what Amy was saying!

This angers me
I’m angry
No! I’m angry
Arrive home get mail that
(holds up postcard that says Help Us Build the Future)
Send from gallaudet university development office get money for any purpose in gallaudet. this exact purpose what? get money for help buy brick to build new slcc sorenson language and communication center
(opens postcard…shows “We need your support” opens postcard more..see 1970 picture, 1950 picture, 1900s picture)
pictures different – 1900s – deaf sit together(?), 1950s, deaf chat(?), 1980s, deaf stand around(?), and today deaf graduate [this is the point where I did not understand Amy’s ASL]
deaf what? and that advertisement (the postcard) says nothing about asl! ASL nothing! not even deaf history! nothing! emphasize sentence i’m mad
gallaudet can have building what visual language of deaf people foundation important building will emphasize have what audiology and speech emphasize
that building will help analyze will help visual and auditory communication
wait! wait!
where asl? silent nothing! emphasize audiology, speech!
That not gallaudet I know!!
what to do??
(folds postcard)
send it back!!!
(drops postcard in disgust)
no thank you!!!

Does anyone see the irony here? Sorenson MADE its money by providing signed video relay interpreting services…that’s using ASL! Ever hear of the idiom, “bite the hand that feeds you?” Where does Sorenson think its future customers are going to come from, if it does not encourage the use of and growth of ASL?

Thank you for alert us today. I got it yesterday and I did not open and read it till your vlog. Jeez GU Dev office are good with wording..tricky. GOTCHA Gally Dev. Office!
No ASL. NO MONEY donation! 🙁

Thanks for letting us know. Disqusting! I received info about SLCC not long ago. Why no ASL?? Its a MUST!
Spread the word!

Lisa Covell

I was impressed with what I got but in the trash it went. I am not supporting anything.

I have the same feeling as you.. thats so disgusting !
I will return that card too



It digusted me about the hypocripsy of how the message is shared about the new building that is sponsored by Sorenson. How typical to just say the visual language of deaf people without identifying the actual language, ASL, that is. It is like they are shoving ASL away as they perceive it as a four-letter-word. I am sick of it as I have seen it happening over and over again. Sending back the postcard is a good tactic that will let them know that we condemn their purposes.

*** Hands waves to you!***


Barb DiGi

That’s just…. wrong!!!

Bomb their office with VP calls…

Who is behind this fundraising campagin??? I sure hope it is not from Davila.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. :::shaking my head in disgust::::

Oh no, here we go again! I posted a protest video of the discriminating and oppressive brick fund-raising drive last October. View it again if you want. “Another Brick In The Wall, Part Two” by group, Pink Floyd in animation.

I responded to Ron’s Save Gallaudet Univeristy vlog on SLCC last Jan too in another vlog at my site. SLCC should include high focus on ASL and Deaf Culture-History. Celebrate us as people, not medical conditions!

Amen to that,Amy! How sad and stupid if ASL was removed… Deaf people are unique like me having ASL . Too bad lots of hearing people cant read our cool language..

I’m afraid for our future deaf children. We must do something.

*winces* I wonder if this was the doing of IKJ and JKF? This kind of advertisement takes a lot of time and effort before-hand…

At the very least, this needs to be brought to Dr. Davila and his advisors’ attention. Gallaudet should not be a place where our deafness is viewed pathologically.

I have an idea!

Why don’t we contact Sorenson and demand that they withdraw their donation to Gallaudet University until Gallaudet University changes the floor plans?!

Put the pressure on Sorenson too!!

You act like this is a big surprise. This info has been on Gallaudet website for over a year. Look at the people involved – almost all Deaf! Look who is Chair — MJ Bienvenu. Ikj and JK were not that involved. Why not bombard MJ with email and VP. What’s her explanation??? Bldg designed with much input from faculty, staff and students. This is not alumni bldg. Grow up! Audiology needs big space for booths to test and do research. You don’t want audiology? Fine. But lots of ppl do. If deaf studies and asl people so unhappy (and nobody says they are, just outside ppl like commenters on blogs who know zilch when it comes to FACTS) where are their comments? None. Why? They approved it. You always find excuse not to give money. You say you love asl? So donate money to asl dept. I doubt you will. You only like complain complain bitch and moan. Nothing new under the sun.

Amy, I am proud of you.

I will send the postcard back by writing , “Please return to the sender” with words in bold black pen “NO ASL NO MONEY”

Like I mentioned in last May’s video about how Gallaudet is manipulated by audists.

Money speaks!

Money does not know ASL! (very sad)

We need to be proactive on cutting down audism!

I do not need to hear threats or bullshit from them saying we will get smaller or be out of business with no funds from them….

I remember back in 1970’s when I was at NTID. I was surprised to see the whole third floor focused on audiology and speech. I winced at it and saw how much millions and millions of dollars go to useless program like that.

It was audists who ran the programs. You remember Dr. William Castle at NTID???? He is a fucking liar when he said he supports ASL yet he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and his wife benefitted from audism and $$$$ to finance speech and hearing garbage.

This is why I do not respect any Speech and Hearing assocation groups as well as CEASD, ADARA and AG Bell as well as ODAS. They are oppressors and our enemy!

Stand up and sign out to the audists! Tell them their game is OVER!



The point is that the matter of respect and regard to deaf culture that ASL nor deaf heritage is mentioned in the card is not acceptable. For a building dedicated to audiology is not new but to exclude ASL is getting old.

Don’t make assumptions about Amy or anyone who doesn’t donate. WE all care about Gallaudet and of course money pours in when we feel justified. For us to be asked to donate where there is no regard on ASL and deaf history is an insult.

That what Ron Fenicle from “Save Gallaudet Univ” vlog, tried to tell everyone about something going on with the Floor plan ! Now U all wake up and realized that we need to stop this and make sure that ASL , Deaf studies, and Deaf education put in number one propriety than audiology and speech lauguages . Gally mission is all about ASL and deaf education !!! It is not about new future of audiology and speech lauguages ! They should consider about finding another land to build the new future of audiology and peech lauguages center in somewhere else !!! not on Galluadet campus !

class of 89er Gally Alumni

I dont see anything wrong with omitting ASL from fundraising projects because ASL itself has been proven in many ways to be a weapon than a communication language and PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF ASL THESE DAYS. The video above by Amy itself is proof.

I see it and people dont give us money when we use “ASL” in our fundraising drives and we get thousand$ when we dont use it.

DeafGirl – you have no ultimate idea. Deaf and Hearing people always contribute Gallaudet. Otherwise, Gallaudet will not exist without them.

Let’s go back to the Deaf-Mute University which will be a wonderful idea because there was an academic freedom and allowed students to blossom with creative thinking at that time – without bias or oppression. Hearing people in that time had NO solution to fix the deaf people and they regarded them so well.

Right now, they unfortunately reap what they sow – fix, support, facilliate, control, run Deaf people’s lives for their own profit. Sorenson did really good job – providing interpreters through video – and want to build some nice ones on Gallaudet campus.

Should we worry about the building now?

Should we let them dig and build, then we could always change the floor plan after it’s been done?

Shouldn’t we?

Let’s fight for the real corruption at Gallaudet first.

Is SLCC being prioritized over the MSA accrediation process?

If you fight over all of these problems, nothing may be accomplished, it may be collapsed one way or other.

I am sure Robert Davila will need to prioritize in order to save Gallaudet by incorporating teamwork at large. The at-large group will need to build one “empire” to solve each problem, rather than divide and be conquered by others. It is not known as a militantcy, but the leadership body needs to be formed orderly. It takes all teamwork to make this successful rather than each one has their own agenda.

Good luck!

Richard – I am not surprised reading this response from you.

First of all, it is a tragedy to learn that people are ‘scared’ of ASL in these days… because of lack of positive promotion, support, integrity, respect, and dignity of the beautiful language, American Sign Language. They always get mixed messages from so many people who still think ASL is not a language.

Remember, it is my belief that any other formal sign language systems, from other countries (Mexican, Quebec, British, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Japanese, South African, etc and etc..) are very beautiful too!

It is very sad to see that Gallaudet University – especially Edward Miner Gallaudet who fought so hard to keep sign language (ASL) as the primary language and instruction among the deaf. He fought against Alexander Graham Bell very hard. Unfortunately the audists think otherwise. We still cannot underestimate the power of the American Deaf Community (in the past, present and the future) that we do need a formal sign language system – AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE.

Its time for all of us to speak up. If you think otherwise… you have your own battle, and we do have our battle to fight.

This is what we are going to fight for the respect and integrity of American Sign Language. I respect English and I want people to understand that ASL is a language too!

Other communication modes, tools, ‘visual communication’ are fine but they CANNOT replace ASL period!

Amy Cohen Efron

Wow Amy,

Not only are you royally furious, but you are passionate about this. Glad you vlogged it. You’ve really started something wonderful… now we’re all mad! Haha. But seriously, I wouldn’t want a speech and language building on Gallaudet campus. It’s not necessary. Where’s our Deafhood and ASL building? Sigh.


Joey told me about your vlog today, so I rushed home and viewed your vlog! First of all, your anger is beautiful! Thank you for your brutal honesty.

Our home, Gallaudet University, shouldn’t be compromised by audism. Everywhere else, and every minute of our Deaf lives, we are bombarded by varying degrees of audism. We need our mecca to be free from audism- we need a home where we, as Deaf people, are thoroughly celebrated for who we are.

Take care of our home, Gallaudet, by removing the entire audiology wing from SLCC. Then we can take care of the world.


Grab the barf bag and toss that card inside along the gross and smelly thing. Also there is the little note which has the messages. On the front card, it states “ASL not ENUFF!!!” and on the back card, it states “You TOTALLY wrong!!!” MAIL IT TO GALLY with no feeling at all.

my dog ate that postcard :)…

I am so sick to my stomach to learn about SLLC’s mission.

It is an emergency that we must do something about it. It’s because someone try to in act of “ASLcide” (“in an act of genocide.”)

The term ‘Genocide’ was coined by a jurist named Raphael Lemkin in 1944 by combining the Greek word ‘genos’ (race) with the Latin word ‘cide’ (killing). Genocide as defined by the United Nations in 1948 means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, including: (a) killing members of the group (b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group (c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part (d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group (e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Amy, We heard you. Your anger is justified and so ours too. Expressing anger is very healthy. But we haven’t reach to the point to what we can do about our anger and channel our anger into positive energy in order taking an action.

For example:

We use the money to donate a new organization that protects and pro-acts ASL. We would create a monthly ASL magazine. We can write the articles about ASL that we could discuss about psychological, educational and sociological views. We also include Deaf people’s experiences what it was like for them not being exposed to ASL. There are many more we could write about.

We will produce the DVDs to market ASL and to show how many Deaf adults’ and children’s successes through ASL.

I am willing to contribute my time to produce DVDs. I am sure some other filmmakers would love to contribute their time as well in order to protect ASL and the future of Deaf children.


Correction: “In an act of genocide.” I don’t mean to put smile face next to it. I don’t know why it was there at first place.


No… ASL must remain!!!

Thank you, AMY!!!

I love you!




Thank you for getting my attention!

I got the card from Sherry Duhon at Gallaudet Club’s
Gathering on Feb 16th in Georgia. I did not read it, but I believe and support you 100%. I am going to find that card and mail it back to Gallaudet Univ. What a Sad Day for us, but we must fight to change it!

Deaf Girl and Richard Roehm, There has been serious lack of consultation with the ASL constituencies at Gallaudet, an historically-ASL university. Protected by the U.S. Constitution in this great “home of the brave”, the ASL-using alumni of Gallaudet are afforded the right to provide consultation on issues at Gallaudet. They have as much right as you do to fight for what is morally right when it comes to their communication needs. They also are fighting to prevent misguided researchers, experts and parents from endangering the communication needs of future generations of deaf children. ASL is essential to a deaf child’s well-being, regardless of his/her hearing status. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against ear and mouth communication as long as it does NOT produce socially and emotionally unstable deaf individuals. I have met way too many deaf oral- converted-to-ASL people who strongly resent their backgrounds of being raising orally. Happy oralists in this country are a handful…correction…a fingerful.

Pamela R. Conley

a quick correction to the next-to-the-last sentence of my post– “being raising” to “being raised”..

Don’t throw it away in trash! Return it to them and let them see how many reject thier propsals!!!! if it still in trash, take it out and mail it back the way it is, food stained and all!

Lately I dont see in the deafie blogs anything pretty about the use of ASL. All I see is whining, bickering, and complaining.

Show me a fresh blog posting that uses ASL in a positive tone.


am glad it is being brought up for more healthy discussion…from my view, it definately ought to be well balanced with ASL and Spoken English ( not SEE, Sim-Com, etc, thats for sure)…but come to think of it, those Spoken English oriented efforts at SLCC are well funded by Oral establishments, but where are the monies needed for well balanced leverage for ASL ?? Perhaps Deaf-owned businesses can jump in ??…Our Bilingual/Bicultural teaching approach unfortunately is still very weak on Gallaudet campus that STILL needs to be truly addressed !!

patrick mcc, 70 🙂


How about a few of those:

Tom’s introduction

The First Feast

When Stop Learning?

To name only a few… there are many ASL vlogs explaining how to hook up vlogs and tips.

You just like to whine, bicker, and complain. You are a pro at putting down others. That feels good, eh?


I bet if I gave you a million bucks, you’d still find yourself in the same suit.

I really wish you would just help strengthen the use of -and studying in – ASL for ALL children, both hearing and deaf.

It IS possible. It IS possible for anything.

My children are already learning French and Spanish in ELEMENTARY school, and that continues through high school. Doesn’t even stop there – colleges!

No reason to put ASL down like that. It SHOULD be at Gallaudet.

I agree with Amy. I will send the card back to Gallaudet. I believe it is because we, deaf or hard of hearing ASL users are too poor making big donations to Gallaudet therefore Gallaudet is trying to find donations from hard of hearing or deaf oral users. I notice that deaf and hard of hearing oral users tend to experience less oppression than deaf or hard of hearing ASL users. Most hard of hearing or deaf oral users are looking forward for something that will improve their hearing and speech skills because of their first language English. Yes, we, deaf ASL users are badly oppressed in everything. jobs, homes, communities in general, educational settings… No wonder Ella is trying to find what will help us free from oppression by “Should we call ourselves deaf mute” Gallaudet should focus on deaf ASL users’ oppression issue right now rather than focusing on future new building on Gallaudet. It makes sense why some of us, deaf and hard of hearing ASL users are angry right now. Please think and be reasonable.
Thank you, Linda

Very interesting issue…It interprets the model of oppression which portrays the govermental body of Gallaudet University is ruled by majority as being segregation. It indicates the persistent and strong negative attitudes of perspective about acceptance being the mainstreaming cross-cultural environment at the higher educational center. It tradiationally has its own cultural identity. We need to posion the bad weeds and getting rid of it!

Keep to unite and streghten the bond of our own cultural identity.

Amy, Back in 1988, you were young standing up in front of the DPN movement. Today you grow wiser with words. Yet you are standing stronger and bolder. Thank you for being you! The 88er

It doesn’t say English too.. I’m FURIOUS!

And my French-speaking imaginary friend says he’s furious because it doesn’t mention the French language too!!!

I was shocked to amamzing about Gallaudet lack of asl. i strongly disagree with your website and show show wesbite movie shortly, i agree where is the ASL ? we ever wanted supporting to need Gallaudet Univeristy changed their mind. we are [DEAF FAMILY} AT GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY FOR THE DEAF ONLY. there must allowed to having ASL and just ingored them Gallaudet mail must returned to Gallaudet. i really do hated and dont like their bad idea hurt the deaf peoples lost asl or lack of commuicate. so po lady is not caring by herserlf not good service. the deaf ppls have privilage their stand by to be continue fight until Gallaudet unveirsty will realize and feding up someday to see and let them frustrating and they can speak out B.S … they would be comportbale to be commuicate with ASL with other deaf socialize will be merrist charmful.

I do believe that dont worth to required their suggest about survery about improved to can hear or lipread abilitys. they cant encourage the deaf peoples cutlures and i want leave the deaf culture alone naturally is very marvious one in the best largest world. if there have problem we can fight to speak out and agruement. how come who did bad idea to sending them without their permission letters or whatever, it sound not nice !

I do strongly agree with AMY and must resend back to Gallaudet and let them feel low self esteem in their heart.I do suporting the former undergraduation and post-graudate students will scream and furious to showing them stand out to tell their various and eassy docement to proof of email from ex former Gallaudet students giving the empowerful strict stand what does the Gallaudet Univeristy for the deaf is sole and primary end of perodicually ! what is it purpose stand by for ?

Thanks for appreicating your willing to speak out the shareable to everybodys are wanting to hear at anytime,anyday, and anyhours to anyhours., i will support at ghallaudet in my heart but i feel that not right there send it out by just post card is bad idea make them furious and increase emortionally ugly, noways l. let them hard learning the lesson about it, i hopefully they can removing immediate aways the mail immediately in ordering at Gallaudet Univeristy mail aways , they didnt asked their permission to make trying force them wants supporting their fund, i wouldnt,
I am telling you the truths i never forgotten where come from $4.millionnaire fund last years., i was there and i gladly graduated recently a year ago,
i suggest u go to seeing the federdal comission will helping to find out where is come from Gallaudet account numebr by $4.millions

thanks again

Bravo !!!!! i agree with you
thank you , amy

Amy, (baff)
No Feel Language of the deaf-blind. They left them out literally. (melodrama here – sobs)
I am the Visual Language Instructor. (argh!)
I need a VL certified interpreter. (seeks around)
Smell Language of the dogs
Sound Language
Ich muss gehe zu bett.

I posted your vlog url into Germany’s deaf space blog this morning. They are not happy upon learning of the news. Traurig! You are much felt by the world over.
So tired…

Dang! Glad you told us about it.


Hey Amy, Your vlog made a better sense this time. Thanks. Know what? They asked me to donate some monies for SLCC project. I decided to donate my $$$ to Peikoff Alumni House fund 2 weeks ago. I am glad that I made better decision. Peikoff Alumni House is for GUAA people who will make difference on ASL issues. Don (1976)

Geeeez, makes me feel like we are being overlooked or treating us like animals that are being used for experiments but hell, we are humans ! I’m soooo tired and sick of us treated with disrespectful, vulnerabiltiy and trying to change our culture ! They sound like we are burden to them but what about opposition like all cultures especially hearings, why do we have to change to please hearings ????!!! What about the hearings doing same thing for us ??? This really pisses me off ! My suggestion is if they dare building up , take down every brick every damn day no mater how long it takes even if it takes to go to jail cuz’ we all know there’s millions of us will take down the building anyways ! May ASL PRIDE live forever !!!!!

Amy, I wonder if we could do some investigate work to see why SLCC has turned into a speech/hearing mecca and thus ignoring ASL. We need and demand answers now! Would petitions, letter-writing campagins, or anything work to make our voices heard? We have to do something cuz if we are passive, SLCC’s goals will be achieved and we would be back to “square one”. Ron Fencile had been talking about SLCC for a couple of weeks and I guess we did not take this very seriously?

Anyway thank you Amy, Elizabeth and Ron for alerting us to this!

When ASL is the issue, everyone jumps in! When they need to show diversity in Gallaudet, they use people of color as tokens! As long as they get something out of people of color, they keep taking and taking and taking! When the issues of RACISM and DISCRIMINATION against people of color pop up, people like the ones who posted in this blog don’t even act or just ignore it because it doesn’t concern or bother them! So, why should hard of hearing, oral deaf, CI people get involved into fighting that SLCC should only have ASL related bullshit when we are all being discriminated by the strongly big D population especially those who are students of color?!

Look at the statue of Thomas Gallaudet and Alice Cogswell. They used their sign language. It is a proof. Alice and Thomas would not have wanted to have the SLCC to be on the Gallaudet campus.

Gsllaudet has a history of sign language that MUST be preserve.

In conclusion, Thomas Gallaudet is the father of the campus.

Oh, boy! – That is a Wal Mart’s attitudes of raping
many small folk towns!!!

I love those VP device of Sorenson. See that
Gallaudet will have a new building called Sorenson
Language and Communication Center. In my mind,
they are trying to take us back to use old
technology Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone
device – i.e. most deaf students will not make it
when they are leaving the campus with their job
skills. (From my witnesses of industry world.)

Yeah, I was there back in 1970’s when I was at
NTID, too. I saw how much audio program’s were
wasteful. Saw not one of our students went to
that program – all I saw were its staffs only….

What a stupid Dr. William Castle did to one of our
many good NTID programs. $$$$ flew away forever.
but yet, NTID is still there. I hope Gallaudet do
that same thing with lucky of without new building
or turned it as ASL purposed only building.

Wondered about I noticed many loud ASLs up in
the air very often when Gallaudet’s upper people’s
thick eyes/skulls are impossible to get thru for
many, many years? I know those upper people know
it but are afraid to admit themselves to Gallaudet’s
ASL students and its culture demands. Wondered
about Gallaudet’s bill rights to protect Gallaudet
students and its culture history? If Gallaudet does
not have one, students are the weak link. Needed
something to set up to make upper people’s thick
skulls be controllable to keep all non-deaf stuffs
out of the campus forever. Deaf people are very
happy to have ASL in their daily lifetimes.
I support to stop non-ASL building be on Gallaudet
campus or it will ruin its history forever just like
Wal Mart did to small towns.

Former NTID ’78 Student, Dave

Also don’t forget that the SLCC will be a beautiful building on the campus! Let’s reconsider your decision. Can you show a proof that ABG is part of this venture?

Floor plans and the purpose of the building can always change/improve ASL/Deaf Studies as demand will be much stronger and high. More Deaf people are involved this project, the building will be there for what they WANT, eventually. Am I mistaken?

Let’s dig?

Hey Amy
Thanks for the vlog!!! oh my goodness. i didn’t read it all carefully -just got it only couple of days ago. i was wondering if it was from GUAA. Wow. Unbelievable.
I will send it back with NO THANKS as well. That’s a very clear message! We need to find out why this is happening.



Shocked you all? You shouldnt be. Whats new with Glasses college? It’s not like they did it out of the blues. They been doing this again and again ever since Edmund Booth was sucking his thumb.

Some folks trust reason, other trust to might. Some folks look for answers, other look for fights. Aint no time to be angry, barely time to wait. Lets do something.

Talk? Well, talk is good but ACTION speaks louder than words. Mailing back letters are actions, calling glasses college through VP is some kind of action. There are more actions we can do. DONT send any money to Glasses college.

Lets talk about REAL action. Dont use Sorenson VRS. Use CSD, HOVRS and other vendors. Jim Sorenson doesnt care any more. He sold his company to a private investors for 4 BILLION dollars. Thats right. 4 tiny isty BILLION dollars. He made money off from us deefie folks and got out of the on going cultural clashes with us. Jim is laughing his way to the bank now.

So glasses college is stuck now, they still have to honor their agreement by that dumb I fing Jordan made. A lousy move by I Fing. eh! Glad he’s outta there.

Until every deaf person in America stop using Sorenson and show what kind of economic powers we can be, Sorenson will crumble down and take back the contract. Now, Sorenson got one less client starting with me. Lets start hitting other VRS vendors instead of Sorenson. They can go back to UATH (mispelling intended) and pray in their temple. (dont worry, I love folks from that state)

This is real action. Its starts with one person but together we can create a united force.

To talk or not to talk. it’s all up to you.

Protest NOW. Stop using Sorenson. Stop sending money to Glasses college.


And send it to Gallaudet Development Office!

Darryl Hackett
Class of 1990

Last night I got it in my mailbox after I got home from downtown. I was utterly flabbergasted and disgusted when I read ‘audiology and speech language pathology’ in it.

I want to add bit to my most recent post. Supposedly the ASL and Deaf Studies Research Center is built, name it after William Stokoe!

Out of curiosity, who is the author of the postcard?
I suspect that the author is a hearing person who works in the Develoment Office. I do not believe that it was authored by Samuel Sonnenstrahl, Director of GUAA, or Andy Lange, President of the GUAA.

Why not throwing your Sorenson videophone back to Utah? They would say Ouch! and grim for sure. Switch to D-link or other brand vp, why not?

hi amy . i know how your feel and same me feel . i not right about slcc . about money look terrblie . it is very very imoprant for asl . i think hearing people not care about asl only support slcc . i am bit mad at slcc i dont like slcc . i like asl is better than slcc . i am bit very disppointment at gally . but i am not at college gally but i am born deaf used on asl that all . i used my life asl that it .

Agree with Amy!!!

Why honor sorenson…..

SOrenson is one who stole FCC’s money to cut off on closed captioned.

DO NOT permit sorenson give you their sorenson device…get D LINK!!! D LINK is more to netural and fairness. THROW Sorensen devices and get D LINK….

Whoa! I’ve never seen you THIS angry, Amy! But, it’s the only way for others to see HOW angry you are. I can feel you.

I’ve never received a postcard from them. If I did, I would send it right back to them OVERNIGHT! Because I’d rather to pay the overnight delivery fee than donating money to SLCC.

Andrea and sd: Sorenson products (both, the videophone and the router) are manufactured by D-Link. I know, I know… There are no D-Link brand labels on Sorenson products. If you look carefully in between Sorenson products and D-Link products, the colors are different… BUT the designs are identical. Yeah, I agree with you both that we all should stop using Sorenson products and start using D-Link. However, D-Link products are not free. 🙁

Do not let the name of William C. Stokoe, the father of ASL linguistics, be eclipsed and forgotten! SLCC should be re-named in honor of Dr. Stokoe. Send this great idea to Dr Davila at GreatIdeas@Gallaudet.Edu

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT RIGHT!!!! Where the ASL IS!!! Damn! I agree with AMY!!

Frankly with you, I strongly agree with Amy has good points of view which concern our deaf culture about ASL history. Simple, say no thank send back to them with postcard that is mean too bad. I am NTID alumin myself that time help Gally protest during 1988 never forget us about deaf power Why not we can do deaf powver likely we did 1988 happen Go yea!!! My very understanding what Amy’s anger and her expression strongly recation call our attention and get their concern on voice louds with ASL impression important DONT INGROE ASL history periods!!

I am angry, too! Thanks for warning! I have not recevied it yet but when I get it, I will write back “No Thanks!”

Keep up the good work, Amy!

P.S. Just curious here.. What can Dr. Davilla do about it? He is not a great ASL signer!

Great VLog

i feel so good cuz i was so outraged when i got it too

also did u notice that:

1900 Pix – four women sitting in front r signing the numbers for 1 9 0 0 (see ASL)

1950 pix – several ASL conversations happening at once and deaf eye contact gaze shown


TODAY pix – universal gesture – wave

is this the future of gally – the trend to do away with its ASL history and pride?

i like amy’s idea of writing them back and saying no thanks – i will do it on the enclosed engraved pledge card – i wanna keep the brick 1900, 1950,… propaganda to go with the other one i got for the Soreson LCC and the other one i got when they announced JKF as the new president of gallaudet and her track record of accomplishments

this could be great collectors items some day smile

really a wealth of information on spin and self-promotion

i have never seen so many announcements, publications, presentations, hoopla about a building that hasnt been built yet in my life

totally dumbfounded when i got this latest appeal for $ – im like YIKES what is gally thinking?

big thanks for making the video – i was like AHHHHH – T-H-A-T


patti durr

Today, I got this postcard.. Iread whole thing. I did not realized until , I saw this Amy’s Blog. I went back to kicthen table and Look it agian. I study carefuly .

Oh Great Scott ! Amy were 101% correct that, They lack of imporatance of understanding ASL and our deep root of Deaf Culture had been for 150 years in America.

I wish , I could borrow One silver stars off from Late Admiral Alerigh Burke ,CNO (Cheif of Navial Operational) and Give to Amy Cohen for her comments about ASL and History basied of our Gallaudet as we KNOW !

take card back to Gallaudet and NO dough into thier brick into Noting !

Chef Theo Burke

Today, I got this postcard.. Iread whole thing. I did not realized until , I saw this Amy’s Blog. I went back to kicthen table and Look it agian. I study carefuly .

Oh Great Scott ! Amy were 101% correct that, They lack of imporatance of understanding ASL and our deep root of Deaf Culture had been for 150 years in America.

I wish , I could borrow One silver stars off from Late Admiral Alerigh Burke ,CNO (Cheif of Navial Operational) and Give to Amy Cohen for her comments about ASL and History basied of our Gallaudet as we KNOW !

take card back to Gallaudet and NO dough into thier brick into Noting !

Chef Theo Burke

#80 Lejon…

Yeah Know that DLink and SOrenson devices are the same…just label on and SOrenson wont let DLINK to use phone numbers that can communication between caused problem among Deaf Coummity. I believe that I help DEAF CEO instead of Hearing CEO but Deaf Community did not realized til now FCC cut off on closed captioned who caused by SORENSON…who hearing again to cheat.

Hey you are wrong about DLINK being not free …I GOT IT FOR FREE from CSD. Sorenson installers put its own device and threw DLINK devices use DLINK’s router to save money by not giving one (only if customer has never DLINK before they have to provide that) and not completely train customers how to use sorenson’s devices compare to DLINK installers. CSD decided to stop to prevent Sorenson get advantage of using their router.

Sorry …Have no respect for Sorenson…..I keep my DLINK and thank to CSD and other vendors like sprint did orginally start before Sorenson. They do not use much of FCC as they use $$$ from relay service that phone companies charge customers from each states.

Major faux pas by Gally Development Office. Major faux pas by Gally. Don’t they know better than to try to pass off something like this hoping no one will notice?! They weren’t banking on Amy’s beautiful vlog 🙂

A building focusing on communication that prominently has an audiology and speech pathology department. Gag me with a spoon, will you? This is *pathetic*. My worst experiences as a young deaf child have been with speech pathologists and seeing my audiologist for an updated hearing aid or new ear molds is NOT my favorite thing. Now, just how exactly are audiology and speech pathology built on the foundation of the “visual language of deaf people”???!! Mind you, this all has a cochlear implanty feel to it. Won’t go into that. But, doesn’t it slightly feel that way?

OMG Ok people…pay attention.

I’m a hoh woman 31 yrs. Without my hearing aids I am deaf. ASL is my first language my parents are deaf and my dad is a Gallaudet Alumni.

Amy, I was disgusted with your vblog. All I saw was anger and not enough information.

You have a right to your opinion and express it but you are spreading a very angry message about..what?? a postcard!!??

Before getting angry TRY getting more information.

Let me ask all of you something, before you buy a car will you go shopping first? Will you ask questions? Will you do research? HOPEFULLY your answer is yes and before you give them your money, right?!?

So why not do that here? Before you get angry and send the card back or burn it or throw it away…why don’t you ASK them more questions about the building?? Learn more about it before you get mad and get a lynch mob of 50 people on this page angry with you.

It’s obviously infectious and it’s a shame that you can get SOOO many people upset for simply not having enough information.

Time to shut up and open your eyes and learn more.

I am proud deaf but I do not stand by it’s a “DEAF WORLD” or Yay Deaf people….no that’s ridiculous..


If this building is not all about ASL SO WHAT??? There are more to being deaf than just ASL. AND Deaf heritage…if you want the building so bad then stand up for it and build it….collect money and build it. If you want ASL so bad then get on board and help promote it. DO something besides spreading anger.



NO!! it did not say that.

When you have more information I will be happy to read about it and understand more about it and if I feel strongly about something…I will DO something about it….I won’t spread a bad misinformed message to millions of people.

Honestly, stop being so deaf and angry…and just be deaf and always learning and being proactive.

Your anger is an infectious disease. Just look at this page.

Wow… you are the first person who strongly disagree with my vlog with so much passion as I have… good for you!

I am responsible for my own anger and my anger is justified.

On November 2004’s press release from Gallaudet University states:

The Sorenson Language and Communication Center will foster collaborative research across multiple disciplines. The University intends to house the following departments and programs in the new facility:

* American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Studies
* Communication Studies
* Center for the Evaluation of American Sign Language Skills
* Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
* History and Government
* Linguistics
* Sociology
* University Archives and the Deaf Collection
* History Through Deaf Eyes National Exhibit

see the link for more information:

It is so sad that the Development Office decided to use the postcard to emphasize hearing and speech departments as primary feature of SLCC ONLY, and that contradicts to what the memo is saying.

So… I’m sorry that you are upset about my vlog, as I am NOT SORRY for being angry with Gallaudet’s practice of deception and using the technique called “dog and pony show” to convince large corporations and benefactors to contribute something that is not entirely true.

Please go and visit the website about Sorenson Language and Communication Center – and you will find out much more.

As of 1 am Sunday morning, the link to slcc is currently down. HOW INTERESTING!

Any one care to respond to the halfandhalf’s passionate opposing response?

Amy Cohen Efron

yeah right AMY!!! me too I noticed the link slcc is currently down, too!


Amy, thank you for your response. It was informative as well as respectfully written. I do respect your opinion. I don’t necessarily agree 100 % with it.

My biggest issue was the influence your vblog has on a number of people. While you used key words in your vblog such as ‘research’ and ‘developmental’ those are two important words in building a foundation in our education system today. I thought the purpose is to contribute? To make our deaf society an understanding and communicable society. But your anger and sarcasm about the postcard over-stated what the actual situation is.


Yes, I understand that it’s the principle that you’re adamantly fighting for but truthfully I could get into a long discussion about ASL. While it’s a form of communication amongst the deaf people and we even prefer that interpreters and those close to us use it but educationally I don’t think it should be a primary issue much less a marketing one.


I appreciate your passion also…I just hope your passion is used for building a better school, a better future for our children and not hinder it because of a postcard.

Thanks again and good luck.

The latest fundrasing action by the Gallaudet University in connection with the Sorenson Language and Communication Center shows they’re not getting the message from the deaf society that American Sign Language has a place in the future of deaf society.

It is very important that deaf “vloggers” as deaf video-bloggers make their messages accessible to the hearing society if they wish to demonstrate that American Sign Language has a place in the future of deaf society. If the deaf society wants the hearing society to appreciate American Sign Language, then they’re going to have to include the hearing society in their audience by making their vlogs accessible to them.

Thanks Amy for the alert! It sadden me to see we still have ignorance at Gallaudet U. We should use magic marker and write in postcard “No ASL? Not a dime from me!”

My observation is that “fixing our hearing and speech” get better result in obtaining funding. That my observation. Well Gallaudet U gotta change that image! “KEEP ON ASLing!”

I am sad to hear this, and I wasn’t surprise about Sorenson Media, they are all have no clue what is the Deaf Culter and ASL…. NOT ONLY ASL, but for many different langauge skills of a deaf person who may not function as much as we do… While other vendors suchs as SPRINTVRS, CSDVRS, and HOVRS, All of these providers does have different type levels of interpreters to meet many customers needs….

Amy, Elizabeth, and Ron, Im proud to be with you all, and I would URGE everyone to use other interpreters to support them over using Sorenson VRS interpreters…

I will never donate any money for Sorenson for what they have done to many of us….

Class of 1990,

Joe Fresolo Jr.

I truly think that the postcard was not given some exact information. I think the management at SLCC caused a big misunderstanding in the deaf community. Amy, you provided the proof of the Gallaudet’s press release in 2004 to let the SLCC to make the commitment in order to include the deaf studies and ASL program.

I suggest you to email Gallaudet, Dr. Davila to let him to know that the SLCC needs to make very clear about the SLCC’s program. Including the press release in 2004.

Your anger has been justified. I truly think that the management at SLCC is not doing a good job.

White Ghost

I second you! I feel and seems like have to fight harder now than before! was looking forward for the bright side for deaf world and now this?! augh

Many thanks to you, Amy !!!

Two big thumb up !!!

ASL is the most important key communication for the lives of many deaf people. Without ASL, we would be like deaf and dumb somehow. ASL is such a beautiful one !!!

I agree with you 100% about this issue and I couldn’t believe how hearing people would think of something tricky to us all deafies !!!! We need to be aware what is going on with Gallaudet next time.

Deaf Power !!!! Yes, Yes, Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile

Who messed up the deaf community and Gallaudet University?


Those without deaf education degrees don’t know a thing about the significance of ASL in the deaf community. Instead, oral system has failed thousands and thousands, and they are desperately looking for a ‘Welcome’ doormat by the door of SSI.

I look forward to returning the postcard to the stupid audists.

I disgree with her viewpoint about Sorenson Learning Center. I do not understand why she was so angry about that. Certainly, I know that ASL is a beautitful language and I realize it is a small part of communication mode. I believe that Gallaudet is obviously thinking that ASL is very very important for the future. Although, I do care about that institution of Gallaudet University. I know myself as Gallaudet student before. I know myself that Gallaudet will take care of ASL, Oralism, Speecreading, Cued Speech, Lipreading, Normal hearing,and more avenues of communication modes. People have their choices of communication via their expereiences. Only thing is we need to support Gallaudet University’s future development in the 21th Century essentially. That is all.

Richard Roehm,

Stay out of this. You’re supporting the other side and tricking us.

Take a look at his babble:

Be proud to speak orally; however, you have no hearing friends. You’re wasting so much time to brag here.

Get yourself a gold star and clear off!


While opening this fascinating postcard, I cut my finger (papercut) OUCH… and I was thinking that’s a bad sign…. After reading it… wow.. name on the brick.. thats a cool idea but something was nagging back of my mind. Ahhhh… SORENSON??? After seeing this video, gotta thank Amy to remind ourselves to watch out tricky outreach office like this! Like all say, Enough’s Enough!

Thanks Amy, I am so surprise about this Gallaudet. I will never support Gallaudet if they ask for my help. How horrible Gallaudet is!

Mr and Mrs Novella

Oh Absoluetly! I agree with Amy. ASL is the most valuable in the communcations.

M=VGC3 – “Metaphorically Equal Visual Gesture Communcations 3 (3 yrs-1997-2000) Or $3 Zillion dollars

Since I dropped out Gallaudet University last 1996 Due to my beloved wife (Lee Solesby Ivey passed away last 1995) I missed her so dearly; However, since my discovered about “it”. I am still working on the stories, Just read my profiles, I have been on my journal on research projects. I have many paper terms with me, I do solemly want to share with you all Deafies people. All I can say, you tell the people about my profiles and they will read my ASL/GAL. If you have any comments, email me

Thanks to Amy for speak/sign out! Two thumbs up & ILY

Hi Amy,
Wow you surely show how angry you are.If I have a post card I would mail it and sign it No ASL, NO donation given! I agree with you 100% because I was taught to be Oralist but I did use ASL earlier also with classmates.Deaf will never hear as well as Hearing but regardless Deaf will be able to read or write English or other langauges. Yet Hearing will be able to learn ASL language.
Let me point out with my expeirnce with difficaulty communicating by being Oralst with my family, work, school and any where.(best lipreader ONLY can get out 10 to 20 % so he/she has to struggle to fill in many puzzles blanks often with wrong ideas or wrong assumations which results trouble at work or problems or poor deals,VERY TIRING!) With ASL, I blossom whole lot lot better at any where! With ASL I gain more education and feed backs and great social life!!!!!
When I was a child, my parents were for very much Oralism and ignored and forced me to speak, I felt aliened by them and got very frustrated and lonesome in all hearing family( I was only one Deaf but it is commmon), Now my Mom and Dad regretted for not learning ASL to communcicating with me and my Deaf friends! I am soo depressed and angry about that situation that I grew up but I had many wonderful family and school events yes. I wished they accept ASL thus my life would be sooo much better maybe I would be doctor or teacher or even smarter and happier well rounded person! I forgive my parents.
Now I am doing okay and have my family with four wonderful hearing children!!!!and have wonderful Deaf and Hearing friends!!!!
Support ASL Sign Language!!!!!!!!!!
Hindsight: some Deaf can learn to speak some or not? what I think thats just about it ~ not to learn to hear cuz it not helping very well.
ASL = Education = Happiness = Good Life!!!!!

Dianne Amero



Hey, I think Amy Cohen is really stupid…. Look at her, she can talk herself from the video…. oh please… She gotta be so closed minded… I am born deaf and I support Gallaudet building a new Speech Department cojoined with Deaf Studies program… I am laughing so hard when I watched Amy Cohen complain her rights… She gotta grow up.. I know that deaf people can talk good… my question, what do she really wants? i have no idea.. but all I can say, what a pity for her…
Yawning from her….

wow, no way about change hearing, they will scare and confuse, since we are deaf, since born cant hear or hear. i believe shld not try and shld be that way, not want to change, i think that ashamed.

James… a pity for me? Mmm… at least you are enjoying the vlog by laughing so hard and spending time to write up a comment to insult me.

Insults — I brush ’em off.

Anyone care to respond to James a.k.a. JR?

Amy Cohen Efron

Amy, I realize the asl like an Indian acient of their own hand talk signs had been used a long time ago. I would like my suggestion instead of all higher educated deaf peoples whose should establish to build the different unversity on a different location somewhere in the United States of America. I believe every deaf rights with asl sign for the better culture without hearing sounds.

Wallace Hanson

Amy… Glad u let us know what is going on. It makes a lot of sense what u said. I wonder who is responsible for the ads. Track them down and find out why they do that for. They are suppose to have a permission from Gallaudet to approve or not. Somewhat, it possible making money for themselves…. who are they! This must be under investigate. Good thing, more and more people are aware of ur message. Of course, I am not send any penny to them. That is ridiculous.

Hi Amy,

How many audio places do we have in America? I am sure more than 100,000 Thousand audio places around here in American . Why bother to build new audio place in Gallaudet Unversity . If deaf people want to have hearing aids or learn how to speak then they can find audio places out of campus. Leave Gallaudet Unversity alone. This place is deaf people to have education. If deaf or hoh people want to have hearing aids or take speech therapy, they will find it but not in Galluadut Unversity. They can care of themselves. Amy, Thank you ! I support ASL.


I’m strongly in a favor of ASL. I entirely agree with u, Amy. Hope Sorenson will change their mind abt using ASL after while. You, Amy do such a great job. I’d be so angry if the hearing people think deaf people can not do anything. Grrrrr


This is sharon again… I have copy what George said:

I disgree with her viewpoint about Sorenson Learning Center. I do not understand why she was so angry about that. Certainly, I know that ASL is a beautitful language and I realize it is a small part of communication mode. I believe that Gallaudet is obviously thinking that ASL is very very important for the future. Although, I do care about that institution of Gallaudet University. I know myself as Gallaudet student before. I know myself that Gallaudet will take care of ASL, Oralism, Speecreading, Cued Speech, Lipreading, Normal hearing,and more avenues of communication modes. People have their choices of communication via their expereiences. Only thing is we need to support Gallaudet University’s future development in the 21th Century essentially. That is all.

Comment by GEORGE — February 25, 2007 @ 5:16 pm

George, let me make it clear to u. You know what real problem is…. lack of words in ad… I don’t blame for AMY for being upset. Sorenson Learning Center need to be more specific.

While Amy provides a valid point some folks here seem to forget the notion of what Gallaudet offers – education for those from all over the world who are deaf. I’ve met students from Scandinavia, Norway, Denmark, Ireland – the list goes on. Some of them do not use ASL in their native homeland – they use BSL (Brtish Sign Language, Irish Sign Language etc)

ASL isn’t exactly “world wide” The German deaf have their own sign-language and trust me, it’s not ASL. I don’t even understand it.

Hence, I think that is why the pamphlet says Visual Language for the Deaf. – Gallaudet is reaching out to the entire world – the INTERNATIONAL deaf community.

Granted, many come to Gallaudet and do switch to ASL or learn it as a secondary language then probably revert back to their native home language. For example, in Arizona, the state is required to provide various translations of forms to fill out – forms in Spanish and English.

By using the word, ASL, Gallaudet would be excluding the various international deaf communities who do contribute to Gallaudet.

Gallaudet is NOT just for those who use ASL – the purpose of Gallaudet is to reach out to those who are deaf, late deafened, oral deafened etc. Gallaudet as a federal institution must accept all those who are deaf regardless of how deaf they are and where they are from.

I’m pretty sure that one day Sorenson will go international and provide interpreters for the deaf in different languages.

At least, that’s my understanding. -G


No.. I will NOT say it.. will NOT say it


Talk about contradiction! To use the funds coming from the deaf community whose primary language is ASL, to build a center that brings focus upon audiology and Speech?

I got the card too.

who designed the card anyway? How could he/she agree to design it? And why such a brief request? Come on.. more information and THEN react.

However I do agree on one thing.. and that’s to discourage sending funds for this ‘project’ until we really know what it’s going to be about.

Thank you, Amy for getting the word out before this went any further.


I have no idea about donate to SLCC…why not you send other a post office card to donate and support ASL at Galludent? it mean we must to contest with them..hey I am very support SORENSON to provide the Dlink no charge..I am not complain about sorenson at all…no against CSD or the vendors sign language we speak out.. I do not understand why Amy was so angry about that. Certainly, I know that ASL is a beautitful language and I realize it is a small part of communication mode. I believe that Gallaudet is obviously thinking that ASL is very very important for the future. I know myself that Gallaudet will take care of ASL, Oralism, Speecreading,Lipreading, Normal hearing,and more avenues of communication modes. People have their choices of communication via their expereiences. Only thing is we need to support Gallaudet University’s future development in the 21th Century essentially. That is all. I copy and added with this George’s message and agree with George 99 per cent…Gary C…

I have no idea about donate to SLCC…why not you send other a post office card to donate and support ASL at Galludent? it mean we must to contest with them..hey I am very support SORENSON to provide the Dlink no charge..I am not complain about sorenson at all…no against CSD or the vendors sign language we speak out.. I believe that Gallaudet is thinking that ASL is very important for the future. I know that Gallaudet will take care of ASL…Gary C.

I am totally suprised. SLCC is still alive. I thought once Jane Ferndales left and should have gone with her SLCC but it still in Gallaudet. I do not support SLCC at all. I am sure I speak everyone who agreed with me. SLCC project should be thrown out and Find new building project like new Library building or something that will help Gallaudet University. We dont need SLCC at all. We all based in ASL (American Sign Language) not speech or hearing. We are Deaf and Hard of Hearing wants nothing to do with SLCC. I am dispointed with Gallaudet University sending a post card with asking donate to SLCC bulding. I am not impressed with that. Time to change and FIGHT what we believe in Deaf Culture. Dont let SLCC take over our Deaf Culture. Destory SLCC project in the Trash for good and find something else rather than SLCC project. Thank you.. and no thanks to SLCC. from Brian Buckley

Hi again,
Some comment lead to confusion. The point of this fundraising is misleading or worst yet, omitting ASL, that the biggest point. Treating ASL as an least important factor of Sorenson Center. What was Gallaudet built for the first place? So don’t we feel ASL is inferior to audiology and speech?

I believe that the whole point of this fund raising post card we recently recieved. Let stay focus to this point.

Same thing that is wrong with the rest of this country! Can’t use the word GOD! Everything must typed in Spanish as well as English. Why is like this. Because, unfortunately, the minority gets their way! No one is standing up and fighting these things. Everyone who reads this should send a letter of protest to Gallaudet.

To response to JR who ever is by this initial
Amy is not stupid.. she is very intelligent and outspoken in deaf community.
Think YOU are closed mind! Youre deaf I doubt. You are simply dont understand the deaf culture.
Think you dont understand what it is all about with the post card. So get lost!
If youre yawning at Amy’s Vlog then why are you watching her at first place. Dont come here and dont make any comments here then.


Where is the respect for the DEAF World????!!! I can’t believe I am seeing this. NOTE: I said “SEEING” not hearing. I love my deaf culture and my language. Even though, I am married to a hearing writer; he has learned a lot about the deaf languages from me and learned to loved it. whenever I have a problem expressing my thoughts to him; he would have me do it in ASL first to myself; then tell him what I wanted to say. I found it worked every time. Why? It is my language. HEY, please don’t take that away from me. I know it worked for many deaf. It is our WORLD… don’t take it away from US.

I understand how you upset about the post card but the building plans are not any changed we still have ASL and Media on first floor. I found out Gallaudet made mistake to put missing statement about ASL so I heard Dr Davilla will be in Vblog about it soon. Also MJ made straight and clear with this issue.
Please careful about Ron since he always put negative first place before asking Gallaudet first. Tell him to be professional manners. And Give us good positive how get hearing and deaf to work together.

as a filmmaker living in los angeles… i am saddened by this news, though not surprised. our son gio was reading and writing at college level when he was in the seventh and eigth grades… while 94 percent of deaf children in california aren’t even reading at grade level… why? because in most cases speech was confused with language and as a result, in the early stages of developement – deaf children are being denied language and are therefore delayed. we raised gio with asl… he was given a LANGUAGE model… language is empowerment. i’ve fought the battles here in hollywood where producers almost always request deaf actors who can speak… the ignorance is omnipresent. it is time for deaf to build their own buildings… just as they create their own media. but it’s all so exhausting… the unfortunate state is that speech comes before talent… it comes before intellect… hearing are so impressed with deaf who “can speak” they see is as “overcoming” deafness… but what i find strange is all of the sign language for hearing children books that are out there – funny how sign language is good enough for hearing children but not for deaf children… what else does one expect from a society that elected bush twice…

Boycott! Do what you feel is RIGHT! ASL is critical important part of our lives! What a shame!

This is UNBELIEVABLE a SHAME on the entired Gallaudet University! They should evaluate themselves more carefully before it goes out in the PRESS. Either an apology or revise their preliminary project should be expected ASAP!!

Never Shall the Hearing World WIN . .
ASL is forever and forever and forever . . .

EVERYONE . . . . always remember . . .
United WE Stand . . . Divided WE Fall . . . . .




I watched you a few days ago and I realized that I had not gotten the card yet until I finally got it today and read it. Thanks for this alert!!

They make money from our own hands to Gallaudet’s Audiology and Speech center? No way, not from our hands, not from our beloved ASL! USE HOVRS and other VRS companies. SUPPORT HOVRS why??? Because they support DEAF ARTS!
We have power! Boycott Sorenson!

Write letter or email to Gallaudet! How can we support Gallaudet University if they do not have a backbone to stand up for ASL? Is this what Thomas Gallaudet and Edward Gallaudet had in mind when they started a school and an University for the deaf?
I am gonna hold Gally in my prayers! They really need it!

INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO BOYCOTT: You dont have to throw away VP200! JUST ADD “HOVRS.TV” to your “Contacts” then you are boycotting Sorenson! If you need help or want to become purple member: Contact my brother, Terry Theriot – SUPPORT HOVRS FOR SUPPORTING OUR DEAF ARTS!!!!!

Amy, I am horrified about the postcard, bloody morbid…over my dead body…Clerc and Gallaudet will flip over in their graves!!! Dr. Roberta Davila, any thoughts? Damage needs to be controlled and we are depending on your leadership…I won’t pay a cent cos Gallaudet belongs to us and we belong to Gallaudet and anything that represnts ‘audism’, mark my word, forget about our donations! Gallaudet will suffer.

I am so sick in my tummy now.

OFTEN,I Am Deaf Man and Been Long times for My Life is for ASL and Always Support for ASL is very important for Deaf But it will hard for Hard of Hearing in future will become low hear and has to more accept with ASL and Should Thank God have his Prosper for Deaf People use on ASL…

What if I become a MultiBillionaire Dollar and I would love to founder for NFL Team become an Own Team for Washington “ASLERS” For whole Deaf people have been famous name too.And have many thing famous too.

Remember that is very proud of Deaf for ASL and Thank God too.
Tell you Truly,

Thanks for waking us up! All of us deaf folks need ASL! How could we get along without ASL? Speaking gibberish? Where is that coming from? It coming from bigwigs idiots that knows everything and putting off deaf folks and dont want to bother and this making easier for hearing folks. Duh! What a sad world we are living and we are going backward to the old days and not the future!

I feel sorry for ya’ll……
let you complain whatever u want to as long you feel it is right for you but nothing will change Gallaudet’s mind…

This will be my last time to check this STUPID IMMATURE blog website… you people are wasting your breath and nothing will change Gallaudet’s mind from this sorry blog website…

No wonder Gallaudet is losing good people because of crazy and closed minded students….. Where is your respect with others…. U think urself.,. not others..

So Long……..


Sorenson didn’t/doesn’t give D LINK…it is their own sorenson….please read carefully #73….see how Mr. Sorenson did making a lot money then sell to private company…what he tries to Deaf Community…
PREFER to see DEAF CEO get money from Deaf Communities instead of Hearing…now see how TRICKY Sorenson is!!!

What Amy’s angry about. I understand completely no statement of ASL included…..



Apparently, you wouldn’t see a locomotive if you were standing on the railroad tracks and it was headed straight for you.

Wake up!


Amy! Wow! You are not only one that are agnry we are one of them! what a beautiful ASL is! if anyone did not understand about ASL then We did not understand about them! Therefore I will have to take my hearing daughter to the Dr for remove her drum to be deaf! like they did to our an innocent deaf children to be using cocihear implant which they are not use them very much. They are worthless. ASL is cheaper Cocihear is to expensive and wasted! ASL is worth and joyable! Also FUN!
ASL will be alive for many years and years because they are so beautiful and there are no way to beat our ASL. If there are no ASL then we are nobody!
Sorry if you did not understand in ASL. Go and learn what about ASL is and you will love it. You will say Oh I should have learned ASL in long time ago. Because ASL won;t bored you.
Amy, Thank you for sharing! I love you! Keep ASL alive!

Deaf Carpenter, AL Pace

Wink…keep your Sorenson videophone and take your full advantage of it. Too bad that Sorenson can’t take your vp from your home or office. Hee! Just switch to other VRS providers such as Sprint or HOVRS or HIPVRS. Sorenson is the possible problem now. Don’t tell Sorenson about my comment, shhh, ok. wink!

Now that I am more relaxed . . . I can express my deafness . . . I lost my hearing from spinal menjitis at age 6 and now I’m still kicking at age 73.
At Illinois School for the Deaf, they told my folks not to learn any sign language and after all those years . . my folks said they are SORRY to listen to those ASS HOLES, as I am Hard of hearing and never hardly have any communication with my parents, now deceased and we were never very close because of that blockage . . . and as many others in the deaf world whom are not hard of hearing . . . made me jealous because their parents learned ASL. Of course in my heart I LOVE my parents and hate the STUPID teachers whom somehow had ruined my happiness with mom & dad.
I have also had an implant . . . even it can let you hear sounds, you cannot truly say . . I CAN HEAR, I had to rely upon ASL to understand fully.
I could communicate with sparrows better than with hearing individuals . . . and that was one happiness I received from my implant.
Finally I looked for a solution to help the hearing impaired in this cruel world . . . and I thought it would be much helpful that every hearing student be required a semester of ASL before they can graduate.
If that were reality, the SLCC would have never been born.
No matter . . ASL belongs with the DEAF WORLD from now onto eternity.
Never fall to the desires of those whom want us to be like the hearing world . . . instead . . . let them learn ASL if they want to mingle with the DEAF WORLD.
As you all know . . we are NOT DUMB . . . we just have dead ears, and shall not fall to the desires of the SLCC society.
Three cheers for AMY . . . I enjoyed the vidio of true expressions of the DEAF WORLD.
Pray for “God’s Kingdom” . . . then we all can be together to listen to the beauty of God’s creations.
Finally it is past 12 o’clock giving me the opportunty to sing the National Athemn in ASL. . . . Good Nite to U All . . & Remember . . . “LAUGHTER” is wonderful medicine . . .

Hello Amy!

I watched your Announcement about this ,Wow ! what they did , you are in my shoe the same that I am not support. therefore in Canada too . Ministry of Education told all in Canada that when anyone who had cocihear implant. They TOLD they were not alLow to learn ASL PERIOD! I am very dispointment what they doing hell on the Deaf people. I had four Deaf children and we support ASL! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FOR OUR COMMUCATIONS!!
My daughter,Heather who is studing in Gally Now.
Keep up fight the rights for the Deaf ! Thanks Amy for make up the videotape and send all Deaf awake, Thanks again Ken ,London Ontario Canada


Kudos for your courage to share your thoughts about Gallaudet University SLCC.
You know I love Gallaudet University very much to preserve ASL, Deaf Culture, and language which they are beautiful life to everyone on the campus include alumni members, friends of Gallaudet, and very close friends with NTID/RIT.
I knew there are heavy controversial issue about speech & pathology and ASL for over 100 years even since the Milan Conference and feud between Edward Minor Gallaudet and Alexander Graham Bell over Sign language and Oral methods. How can I understand why the oral methods infected toward the deaf/hard of hearing over ASL which is less important? Where are the medical people have respect for deaf and hard of hearing individuals? During my Gallaudet years, I took two semesters courses called Communication Therapy at Mary Thornberry Building for what I want to learn lipreading/speak and writing in proper approach for hearing people. I found lipreading and speech that was very tough. I realized how we suffered to learn oral methods and lipreading by the medical people. I felt bad for my parents to know nothing about ASL in 1960’s. Then sent me to the oral school even though I could not receive language development enough. When I enrolled deaf residential school, I picked up very quick in ASL. Gee! I wish I learn ASL at early childhood so I can develop the eloquently in reading and writing like my hearing siblings to be intelligent. Yet, I am struggling to improve my English language and read newspapers and book almost daily.
I want democracy at Gallaudet University to choose among the large constitutes to debate whether the new building should be instead of previous adminstration and BOT’s decision. It is good way to honor our alumni, students, faculty, and staff to vote the dedication names for those buildings.
At this point, American Sign Language is the most important language for deaf and hard of hearing people despite of having cochlear implant, oral, cued speech, and others which rely on visual language and potential improve in reading and writing from the range from birth to adulthood. ASL can be research through the lingustic department to depict how much the various individuals achieve to receive language better.
Gallaudet University is a deaf/visual center in the world for all of us to increase our self-esteem and feel of the beautiful language and morale of deaf culture including deafhood.
Why didn’t SLCC team share with GUAA, students, faculty, and staff upon the perspective of the new concept of the building what it should be? I want DEMOCRACY on Gallaudet campus to share the decision-making and to vote like the early Americans to establish the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Please re-consider for our alumni’s sake about the floor plan at the new building. There are plenty buildings that need to be renovated and increase the beautification of Gallaudet University like other hearing universities.
Amy, Way to go! Cheers!

Thanks for information about SLCC postcard…, Amy Cohen…
I cant believe it and one of my friends did send a picture of orange fence where parking lots next to HMB and SAC building… At the first, I did not know what was that and I asked my friend why was the fence there.. My friend explained to me about there will be new building is called SLCC and there will be audiology, visual, speech therapy.. and others.. I told her WHAT??? NO WAY…. That is not Gallaudet want that way.. We do care about our ASL and our history, etc.
Even tough, I was an international student at Gallaudet and I graduated from Gally in year of 2002 and I am so proud of that. I love ASL and Deaf History, etc.
I did not get SLCC postcard yet….. If I get SLCC postcard, then I will send it back to them and tell them NO THANKS! … I support Amy Cohen and I know AMy is NOT stupid person. She is right what she is trying to tell us about SLCC and ASL.
I dont understand why Gallaudet support SLCC and I think it came from Jane Fernandes’ ideas, too because she was supportive for speech therapy, audiology, visual, and etc. NOW SHE IS GONE and Gallaudet needs to stop and change it NOW!!!!! I hope that Dr Robert Davila should do something about it.

Yvonne de Vries
Alumni ’02

HEY Everybody! Ask yourself a question Am I deaf or hearing? You can’t see what a different between deaf and hearing then just leave ASL alone! we are just being human! We do farts like others. therefore what a different between deaf and hearing are! I am curious about out there in space are deaf or hearing? Ask an Aliens. Because they have a huge hands and arms with a very small ears. which they do not need their ear to hear. They use hands for ASL! ASL is Alien Sign Language. All you need do is learning what ASL stand is for? Sorry that ASL is so beautiful like flowing in the sky as U.F.O fly anywhere as what hearing people can’t! All they do is talking about guns, knifes, war, selfish, crimial, and did not understand in deaf culture! Sorry for them!
ASL is so beautiful! like I smell the red roseS! and smell air from the lakes! ASL is flying! like our signs are in air! Hearing are making nosies! and bad breath!

Al Pace


i finally got the postcard

this wording : “…the visual language of “d”eaf is the foundation of a building that prominently features a department devoted to audiology and speech language pathology” is nothing but a DOUBLESPEAK !!!!! ( translation: blah-blah-bullshit)

Gallaudet’s hearing adminstrators, who obviously wrote it, still has not fully understand the meaning of balanced ASL, and Spoken and/or Written English Bilingualism, sigh

it is 2007 !! Hello ??

Hi Amy,

congratution! i am pround of you that you were mad about things.

Martin G. Connelly


Amy did a good job 🙂 It is time for everyone to wake up with “Where is ASL World”. Think about it


Amy, you go, girl!

Amy – What a strong powerful message that you expressed! KUDOS to you! Let us step back and look at the WHOLE picture….

Every deaf programs, every mainstreamed programs, and other deaf classes in public schools have speech class or training. Is it correct? The same with audiology – Universities catered to these deaf programs in schools for training. Universities spend millions into developing and training speech therapy and audiology. Millions on ASLerapy and ASLiology? Where were we when these speech training and audiology came into being? It slowly gained a strong foothold into our education system and leeched into every where! Too late? Why we were not proactive about it? Power and money is what it is all about. Do we have Deaf speech therapist? Deaf audiologist? Perhaps not….Residential schools do have them!!

How can we turn this into ASLiology not AUDiology? One thing I can state – There is a strong need of Deaf volunteer in deaf programs! The Deaf children do need you. Expose yourself to them and show the deaf programs that there is ASL and the beauty of it…Let us march into deaf mainstreamed program and sign up to be a volunteer. Changes can happen inside the system, not outside.

Again, Amy, Great vlog!!

oh pls.. it’s not big deal… get a life

amy sez: “What is wrong with saying American Sign Language is the visual language of deaf people?”

It is? Now what percentage of the deaf population are you talking about Amy? 75%? 50%? Perhaps less than 5%?

Geez! Move your ego out of the way and let facts float to the surface for a change.

Unfortunately, many narrow viewpoints are still held by viewers as we read here. . .who do not believe in first hand information as pointed out by you, Amy. I am saddened to see twisted information drifted between the polarizing issues, as many quoted “not Deaf enough” when the main concern we had all along was about leadership. We condemn these tactics, given great harm to the credibility of the Deaf community. The main point Amy was trying to share is “ASL” is not indicated in the donation card. Don’t we have a choice? YES, through Deaf eyes, we can cultivate these folks. . .

As I haven’t received my copy yet, I was thinking why don’t we help by adding a line: Donation enclosed is intended and devoted to our visual language, American Signed Language (for whatever reason you want to add for instance, to strengthen and preserve identities as Deaf people)

Amy, thanks for taking the chance to “speak” ur Deaf mind ; )

ASL Yours n Ours,
Tina Jo

Bravo Amy ! I could not hard believe that SLCC might hurt deafies’s ASL and Thomas and Alice . If Thomas and Alice would be alive and they would be very angry and wouldn’t let SLCC set it up … I feel so disgust and upsetting about that . I know Deaf people are not very happy about terrible news . What a SHAME SLCC !!!
Amy, Keep up good alert for deaf people to look what SLCC HURT Deafies’s ASL !
Carol Randall

“Help Us Build the Future”

It makes sense because we live in a hearing world where normal mode of communication is speech.

I don’t see anything wrong with this postcard so quit whining, deaf militants and wannabes.




I wish I could borrow one of silver stars from my 3rd cosion, Late Admiral Burke .. which Amy’s comment are sharp and prove this ads are pure idiot !

Bravo! Amy’s blog is more than trillions thanks .

I were not pay attenation to this parts of expensive card (It about 5 bucks per copy and postage cost) I thought they just want my attenation to help with my funds to support them..

Unitl , I read Amy’s vbog,,, I realized that I seen this Gallaudet’s card. I run down to kicthen . read carefuly. Oh my goodness ! Amy were correct every word to match with this Iidiot printed .

Late Admiral will love her brave heart to stand up what is moral values to speak up upon deaf Americans !

Save ASL !

Chef Theo

I wish I could borrow one of silver stars from my 3rd cosion, Late Admiral Burke .. which Amy’s comment are sharp and prove this ads are pure idiot !

Bravo! Amy’s blog is more than trillions thanks .

I were not pay attenation to this parts of expensive card (It about 5 bucks per copy and postage cost) I thought they just want my attenation to help with my funds to support them..

Unitl , I read Amy’s vbog,,, I realized that I seen this Gallaudet’s card. I run down to kicthen . read carefuly. Oh my goodness ! Amy were correct every word to match with this Iidiot printed .

Late Admiral will love her brave heart to stand up what is moral values to speak up upon deaf Americans !

Save ASL !

Chef Theo

tina jo sez: “Unfortunately, many narrow viewpoints are still held by viewers as we read here”

please define “narrow viewpoint”. how do you know we haven’t considered all “views”?

tj also sez: “who do not believe in first hand information as pointed out by you”

so are you advocating that readers take people at their word without confirming things on their own? I’ve some snake oil that’ll make you super-ASL-fluent. Trust me cuz I said so!

Thank you Amy that I aware of this statement about Gally. I never been go to Gally except I visited there in 1973. I support ASL as long we use alot. Hey, many years ago Gally used ASL for drama that I went on the show. Weird there has been changed. NO way for Gally support SLCC. Keep ASL for ever period.

Thank you for warning about it.

Wow! i can’t believe. Wait a minute! Is that Gallaudet University medicine school? Not What is matter with Gallaudet University which should represent the Deaf Community. That is not right to be kind of token and for whom? Hearing, Speech and Language take over ASL and Deaf Culture? No, For what who needs Hearing, Speech and Language, is wrong place for Gallaudet University, stand a tall and blow that out of our Deaf Community simple. Betraying must stop. Gallaudet University is real in chaos.

Amy, I understood that you talked about it but there is nothing I can do. The card does not say negatively about ASL and the deaf history. It seems fine. You might be misunderstanding but you should talk with the sender.

Donna, Deaf Graduate of Gallaudet.


You may need to calm down first since I do not want you getting into angry chronically frustrated temper tantrum.

Ok, what is your response for Uncle Bob?



Amy Cohen Efron gives a powerful message regarding her her protest over Gallaudet University’s appeal to its Deaf alumni community for donations on a new Speech and Audiology building on campus. I studied the contents on the brochure which is similar to the one Amy is holding in the video. This got me to thinking…

1. Gallaudet’s old Audiolgy and Speech Building on campus existed for a very long time, and no one raised an issue about it.

2. One prominent Oral Deaf Leader affiliated with the Alexander Graham Bell Association was appointed
to Gallaudet’s Board of Trustees about 10 years ago. No one protested at that time.

3. The majority of the student body at Gallaudet University are deaf school graduates but no one protested over the influx of public school graduates who are deaf and hard of hearing oralists who chose to study at Gallaudet.

I respect Amy Cohen Efron’s views. Gallaudet’s Development Office should have had someone with a strong background in ASL and Deaf Culture to REVIEW and EDIT the brochure BEFORE mailing to its alumni members to save time and confusion coming from Deaf protesters who embrace ASL and Deaf Culture.

My opinion…

1. I do not believe that Gallaudet is attempting to eradicate Deaf Culture which includes the use of ASL in Deaf-sponsored affairs.

2. I believe that the future building on campus, the James Lee Sorenson Language and Communication Center may serve the audiological needs of the hard of hearing and CI students who are attending MSSD and Gallaudet.

3. The new building may be used as a research center for the study of Hearing Disorders and Cochlear Implants and other related developments.

4. Who knows perhaps Gallaudet’s aim is to set up future campus seminars for audiologists and speech pathologists to help them dispel myths about the Deaf because many audiologists perceive “deafness” as a medical condition, not a cultural thing.

LASTLY… I see where Amy Cohen Efron is coming from… In the video she is angry over the absence of the word “ASL” in the brochure. Yes. Whoever from Gallaudet’s Office of Development placed the term, “visual language” instead of “ASL” in the brochure. It is an obscure term.

I am a member of the Class of 1970 at Gallaudet University. The 1970 photo with the students on the brochure look unfamiliar. What happened to the photo of my peers who accomplished several goals at Gallaudet at that time?


Irene T.


As you already watch Bob’s Vlog about SLCC today. What do you think?

Wow!!! Makes me feel very sad what Gally turning into. We Need ASL to continue to future generations of Deaf. ASL is our language and culture! I will send back my card today!

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!! I love Amy’s vlog. actually any deaf blog/vlog because I am HOH and not much hanging around with deaf but have deaf friends. Anyway, I’m a strong believer in ASL. I encourage any emergency personnel to learn ASL. I have taught police dept, ambulance and fire depts as well teaching them ASL. We need them to learn ASL because time is of essence. We can not wait for interpreter to show up when our life is on verge of the end. We need them to be able to speak ASL to us. Now, by watching this vlog about SLCC, that just really fires me up!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I can hear a little and speak, I would NOT sit on my hands and talk all the time! I rather use ASL and I AM SO PROUD TO KNOW ASL and I want EVERYONE to communicate with one another with ASL AND KEEP IT THAT WAY. As you all said, Gally was originally founded for the deaf and ASL was okay, and now they are trying to destroy the DEAF IMAGE! Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s wrong with these people?!!!!!?????





Hey Amy!

—discussing another topic of interest… do you still have access to nyc’s knishes?? 🙂

Great blogsite !!
keep up with your technological informative logs!

Best of health–

– Lori

Identity and labels make such an interesting combination. Ms. Epperson (#164). I only took a short cut and made my comments looking blunt which is easily misunderstood.

That was not my intention. You have a valid concern when things are discussed like this before everyone has a chance to understand the issue fully. I am not trying to excuse the narrow minds. I advocate for the Deaf minds that expect a learning center conforming to the communication needs and desires of the Deaf community at Gallaudet. Those of us are devoted to preserve ASL, its culture and history.

An emphasis on hearing and speech programs stated on the Sorenson Language and Communication Center postcard that asserted just the opposite of what was outlined in the news release to fund the SLCC. See # 91. That very release was distributed in November 2004. (

Right, I’m not into medical solutions. Instead of debating, I was merely suggesting to add a line should one want to pledge to a specific research like ASL Studies, Communications Dept, Deaf Archives, and so on.

I am assured we all can build the future at Gallaudet. Thanks to Amy who opened our Deaf eyes the minute she got her PC announcement on SLCC.

So, “ASL” is no where to be found on the post card.

I’m not too keen on the idea of SLCC.

Define “visual language”.

When I first heard about Sorenson and it’s donation to Gally….first thing came to my mind was uh oh!

Clearly this was a “quid pro quo”.

Good luck to you all in your endeavors in preventing SLCC from ever becoming a reality.

Responding to #118 comment, If you feel strongly that it applies to international sign language. It should be written as Universe Sign Language that will solve the problem. Sign Language is the most important to deaf people!

[…] Did we just finish a protest only to allow MBI Part II happen? The majority of people’s responses before Dr. Fernandes’ selection are almost a replica of people’s reactions to the COSC demonstration now- passive, hands off and accepting whatever the President does. That is until something that does not jive with their world — issues like the Oregon School for the Deaf or the recent Gallaudet Sorenson Language and Communication Center (SLCC) postcard and floor plan — then people suddenly are animated. […]

Bravo , I agree with amy
Audioloay and speech patholoay remove !!!!!
Where is ASL????? where is ASL FREE ?????
i did not attend to gally, but i support gally

Bravo!!!!!! I agree with amy
Remove audioloay and speech patholoay. where is asl???? where is asl free????? hand wave to you !!!!

No offense but why ain’t I surprised. This world never ease to surprise me as far as deaf people are concerned. I applaud to those who stood up and fight for what they believe in.
Congrats, Amy. You did an excellent job!

There are other visual languages than American Sign Language. There is British Sign Language, Spanish Sign Language, Italian Sign Language, etc. Many Sign Languages are used at Gally, it is not only American students who attend Gally.

hey amy,

anger is part of therapy!!! that is healthy! i couldn’t believe what the SLCC has done…selfish! they should have re-revised and re-sent a new card to every true GUAA members…ASL and DEAF CULTURE…

also, look at #22 youtube videod by carl schroeder…exactly!!!

renee g.


This is BULLCRAP…… Im not supporting any of this. ASL is a must !

100% percent I agree with you about this sitiuation. I have a deaf daughter same as her deaf parents. She must require to have ASL means alot to her to learning so faster with her education. I wouldnt let her go! That is a very insult!

very nice blog

i believe you yes must be (asl) that laws not false this (asl) for deaf fair! thank you kathryn

Hi Amy
I am not from Gally and never graduate there, but I support Gally Unvi.and ASL.
I agree with Amy Cohen Efron 1 million% and above responses.



My husband and I LOVE u and AMEN!

I believe Sorenson is strongly favored in ASL becuz Sorenson prefers Deaf/HH use ASL for Sorenson VRS so I am sure Sorenson still favors in ASL. I can see their wonderful attitude about ASL.
I remember last Fall there is a video clip about MJ, Ben Bahan and others were discussing and making plans about SLCC and they are strong Deaf leaders and strongly favor in ASL. They wont allow it happen if Sorenson goes for oral stuff.

[…] 3rd, 2007 · No Comments This is the response in a comic strip style to Amy Cohen Efron’s angry vlog! I am an alumnus from Gallaudet University and have been involved in the 1988 Deaf President Now […]

[…] 3rd, 2007 · No Comments This is the response in a comic strip style to Amy Cohen Efron’s angry vlog! I am an alumnus from Gallaudet University and have been involved in the 1988 Deaf President Now […]

[…] Amy’s Angry Vlog! February 25th, 2007 This is the response in a comic strip style to Amy Cohen Efron’s angry vlog! I am an alumnus from Gallaudet University and have been involved in the 1988 Deaf President Now […]

[…] Amy’s Angry Vlog! February 25th, 2007 This is the response in a comic strip style to Amy Cohen Efron’s angry vlog! I am an alumnus from Gallaudet University and have been involved in the 1988 Deaf President Now […]


qzauvite iav…

Gally SUCKS no matter whose at fault. I will NEVER support or donate Gally NO MORE since those imbeciles threw out JKF. But I am in support with deaf communities but not Gally NO MORE! Hopefully, Gally will crash into ground after less and less donations from worldwide.

BTW, Sorenson is REALLY SUCK! Nothing incoming calls ever work anymore, or even any of staffs to come by house to repair or replace the device almost a year after request them to come. Sorenson device is already thrown out of my window. RedHAWK is gonna squat Sorenson like cockroaches!

Gally will crash into ground real soon afterall donations from worldwide gonna decreases quickly. It WILL happen someday.

Hi Amy ,
I dont blame you at all for being angry . As Im very agree with you very well with 100%. Im deaf and Im using Sign Language. Keeping ASL alive!!! ASL is beautiful!!!
Mary Lou

This make me sick. Dont you all need a wake up call? sorenson are taking away your ASL dream by making money and they control it with lots of money and no one will turn their offer down. They even make more money from Gally whenever they accept their donation to Gally or have some programs there supported by Sorenson! There is one simple solution to solve this. We need to boycot Sorenson. How? very simple. Just dont use their svrs relay call. just add to your address book such as horvrs, csdvrs, or cacvrs and just think about it. If everybody in USA dont use sorenson’s relay and they will bankrupt in a year. I blame you all deaf people keep using their vrs service. I blame you and you need to get mad at every deaf american citzenship that use sorenson!!! stop blaming anyone. ou need to blame yourself and Gally that allow Sorenson to donate their money and becoming powerful and the more you let them the more they will control gally. I wont be surprise in few years they are going to change from gallaudet university to sorenson University because you all deaf americans letting them take control of them. Just don’t use sorenson. Peroid. And simple.

gally allow place called sorenson language?
do we permit new language called sorenson language rather than american sign language?
Then boycott gally and make it fail. no worry there will be new college that made for american sign language and we all can move or transfer there. Too bad that you all protest before and allow this happen. more boycott you will do then you wont have gally as accredital(spelling?) and then no more funds. So make gally fail and tech them lesson so it wont happen whenever there new college much better than gally. gally is not american. people from europe invent and built it. we want deaf american invent it and build one. 100% pure deaf to create college please.

Guys, get a grip! SLCC have deaf studies/asl department. They also have communication studies department. It is not limited to hearing/audiology. It also got linguistics. Grow up dude/dudettes. It is already there and there is nothing you can do now. hey, my family donated two bricks because they want to be part of history. If you don’t then don’t go everywhere whining and moaning about SLCC. It is for Gallaudet students. if you are not gallaudet student/alumni then shut up.


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