Branding NAD: Effective Approach


This is a big news. National Association of the Deaf published a press release late last night announcing that the second annual Spring Benefit Fundraising Gala is an official sold out event and it comes with an impressive list of sponsors!

Go to NAD website for more information.

A list of huge corporations sponsoring this tiny benefit of 160 attendees in Berkeley, California to give a welcome for Howard A. Rosenblum as a new C.E.O. of NAD. Mr. Rosenblum will be introduced by his childhood and best friend, an Academy Award actress and one of the top four candidates of Celebrity Apprentice, Marlee Matlin tonight!

Rosenblum made a presentation before several hundred people during the NAD conference in Philadelphia last summer vying for a position as a C.E.O., and he made a promise that he wanted NAD to be a brand name organization representing Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, and their friends and families.

Rosenblum proved it within 6 weeks after he started his job as a C.E.O. on April 1, 2011 by having big-name corporations sponsoring this benefit gala!

With help by a talented committee led by Julie Rems Smario, as Region IV Board Representative, also known as an excellent fundraiser with a proven track record, and competent NAD headquarters staff made this event possible. Their work must be recognized!

Reviewing a list of 15 corporate sponsors, almost half of them are NOT Deaf related, but they recognize Deaf people as important consumers! There is no “hearing health-related” sponsors.

All sponsors are dedicated to work with Deaf people to have an access to communication, preserving our cherished language, American Sign Language, and most importantly, as consumers!

Congratulations NAD and amazing supporters/volunteers to make this organization recognized by a larger community with a brand name!

Amy Cohen Efron

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4 comments on “Branding NAD: Effective Approach

Hi Amy,
You lucky to attend, If i recall right?
Oh YES, I glad that NAD got BIG NAME Company. GOOD WORK!!!
Speaking to Howard… BE A KILLER CEO AS YOU CAN!

Well written! I agree that Howard gets credit but I don’t think you are giving Shane Feldman enough credit. He has been the backbone of the NAD for the past year–cultivating relationship with Google, Marlee Matlin (NAD Spokesperson for a while before Howard came onboard), and other key figures and corporations.

I believe that Howard and Shane is a great team for the deaf community!

Oh! I agree that Shane Feldman is instrumental to make this event possible and he helped the transition process for Howard Rosenblum. Congratulations to Rosenblum, Feldman, NAD headquarters staff, Board President Bobbie Beth Scoggins, and their regional representative board members made this extremely successful event happen! This event raised over $135,000 dollars!

This evening is a major shift to a new direction and the community is inspired!


To NAD Observer,
Thank you for share some information that the team you talk about… All of them did a good job, I believe that team work better than just one…

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