Excellent Deaf-centric Anti-Violence Video!


Just discovered via Twitter, and I have to share this video with you.

This video comes with captions, and it delivers excellent message for parents. This video stresses the value of using hands to communicate, not to ‘smack’ a child for discipline. Often times when parents get frustrated for not able to communicate and they ended up disciplining their child by using their hands that can be so hurtful.

When that happens…a young child learned that these hands can be used to get inappropriate attention from their peers. Sometimes, it gets out of hand. That can be quite handful for school staff to re-teach them. ( Yes, pun intended!)

Deaf children are encouraged to use their hands to EXPRESS their feelings of frustration, desire, wants, needs, happiness, sadness, joy, love, care, and many more. Start EARLY as possible.

No more smacking, no more pay-backs, no more hitting, no more pushing, no more…no more… for G-d’s sakes… we are all humans with feelings. We need to remind ourselves that it is OUR bodies, our personal space and our ‘temple’ that needs to be respected and cherished. Not be abused.

No more bruises, no more scars, no more lacerations, no more emotional scars… Wounds heal, but memories are forever.

This video helps me to come up with more possible videos produced especially for our Deaf Children and Adults to use their hands to show love, care, and communicate with others, especially to our Deaf peers.

Kudos to Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Victims and students from Rochester Institute of Technology, and hat-tip to Anna Brancilano who directed and produced this video.

Amy Cohen Efron

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