AG Bell Infamous Telegram to NBC

Hello Readers, I watched a video clip done by Tayler Mayer about his interview with Bernard Bragg on his y3 blog. Mayer’s post is called, “Bernard Bragg’s Take on Pepsi / AGBell” On this video, Bragg recollected about Alexander Graham Bell Association wrote a telegram objecting the first televised appearance by the group of Deaf performers in a NBC show, […]
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Veditz Memorial Sculpture Needed!

[DISCLAIMER: This post was published on November 4, 2007 – and I need to revive this idea again.] Amy Cohen Efron shares her thoughts and suggestions that a full-figured sculpture of George Veditz is sorely needed! Also, see how Amy discovered that there were other well-known Deaf people been memorialized by their sculpture(s). There were only three Deaf people been […]
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AG Bell Association’s Conscious Denial?

Amy Cohen Efron noticed AG Bell Association did not acknowledge this Wed’s PBS’s premiere, “Through Deaf Eyes”. READ THIS FIRST, then scroll down for the VLOG done by Amy Cohen Efron. Help me with one thing… Can you check Alexander Graham Bell Association’s website : and please tell me if they ever published a press release acknowledging about the […]
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