Dr. Laura-Ann Pettito : MYTHBUSTER!



As of 9:55pm, the Student Body Government at Gallaudet University reported that Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf did not respond their invitation for an open discussion. (as per letter sent on Monday April 4, 2008)

For your information, today is the Charter Day for Gallaudet University! Held annually in April, Charter Day celebrates the anniversary of President Lincoln signing Gallaudet University’s Charter in 1864.

Oh. my. goodness! Everything happens for a reason!


As of now, no updates from Student Body Government at Gallaudet University and Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
We don’t need to hold our breath. It is not new of them to ignore our repeated requests for a respectful open discussion.

Anyhow… the best news of all…

A treat as you start your weekend!

This video was released today at 4:40 pm!

Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto busted myths about early ASL/English language acquisition and spoke about the benefits of bilingualism for all children, especially deaf and hard of hearing children, during a panel at the Gallaudet Research Expo on March 24, 2016.

In American Sign Language with subtitles and a transcript.

For more information, please visit:

Brain and Language Laboratory – BL2 Gallaudet University

AG Bell, we will be “watching” you.


Amy Cohen Efron

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3 comments on “Dr. Laura-Ann Pettito : MYTHBUSTER!

I love ALL of Dr. Petitto’s work and lectures. She’s the mythbuster to any oral/aural beliefs and philosophy!

Thanks for this excellent blog and just released video of Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto. I am confident in her science work of the caliber as it has been very well received everywhere. The first time I ever saw naysaying criticism of her work are some people in Deaf and Hard of Hearing closed FB group, those ones who are deaf and parents.

Watch this excellent vlog of her research work currently underway that uses the highend functional neuro imaging capturing the image of neuro-language, both signed and spoken development in process, this would be far most revealing and should finally dismantle the widespread misconception of signed language hindering spoken language development. The brain does not select speech or sign, it only seeks a consistent pattern that carves in a milestone of language development.


Thanks for this excellent blog.

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