Gallaudet’s SBG Calls For Open Meeting With AG Bell!


This is an historical first.

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Gallaudet University’s Student Body Government calls for an historical first open meeting with AG Bell Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Here’s the link here!

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For many years, National Association of the Deaf requested several meetings with AG Bell and it was never materialized.

Here is one of the many examples how NAD tried. George Veditz tried.

George Veditz, who was one of the earliest President of National Association of the Deaf wrote an obituary for Alexander Graham Bell in 1922. Please see link for the full obituary.

Throughout over 100 years, all of the efforts were fruitless. So much harm was done. The Deaf community became deeply divided and extremely fragmented. We end up hurting each other for decades. Because we have our differences how we perceive what it means to be Deaf and our preferences in how we communicate. It continues to be this way.

Edward Miner Gallaudet, who was President of Gallaudet University have attempted to meet with Alexander Graham Bell. Gallaudet gave Bell a honorary Ph.D. degree in 1880’s with hopes that it would cultivate positive relationship and collaboration. However unfortunately there was a disagreement on forming the “Normal Department”, also known as a graduate program to train teachers for the Deaf. Gallaudet wanted Deaf students to enroll into the “Normal Department”, but Bell vehemently disagreed. Bell lobbied the Congress to prevent appropriation to establish the ‘Normal Department”, however he succeeded reducing the requested amount of appropriation from $5,000 dollars to $3,000 dollars with one condition that no Deaf students were allowed to enroll in this program. There is the book, Never the Twain Shall Meet : Bell, Gallaudet, and the Communications Debate by Richard Winefield which provides in-depth information about the relationship between A.G. Bell and E.M. Gallaudet.

Now, our young Georges/Georgettes (after George Veditz) are taking the bold step to demand for an open meeting with Alexander Graham Bell Association.

Indeed, this is an historical first.

I am staying on the top of this and will continue reporting with you of any newest developments.


Amy Cohen Efron

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CODA and interpreter from Sacramento California, would be honored to receive continued education on this topic 🙂

Hi Griselda!

Would you please clarify what do you mean? Does this mean that you are learning a great wealth of education from my blog?

Amy Cohen Efron

[…] As of now, no updates from Student Body Government at Gallaudet University and Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. (as per letter sent on Monday April 4, 2008) […]

When did George Veditz first meet Alexander Bell? Did it occur in 1880s?

I am unable to find a reliable source as to when Veditz first meet Bell, and we need to look at the history by checking on their birthdates and date of birth.

Alexander Graham Bell was born in 1847, and George Veditz was born in 1861.

Bell died in 1922, and Veditz died in 1937.

In 1880’s Bell was 33 years old, and Veditz was 19.

Veditz first became the President for National Association of the Deaf at age of 43, in 1904.

As soon Veditz graduated, he worked at Maryland School for the Deaf in 1884, that was four years after the Milan Convention, and I am sure that Veditz has witnessed a sharp decline of Deaf teachers in schools, thus probably motivated him to run for the President of NAD.

There are letters available at Library of Congress for you to review, that Veditz and Bell has been corresponding.

To determine the actual date for them to meet in person for the first time, I am unable to find a source.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Amy Cohen Efron

Thanks for pointing out their age difference. I tend to agree in the 1880s at Gallaudet it would be hard to meet Bell, especially since I assume Bell did not work at Gallaudet. I think here in Colorado at that time there was no firing of Deaf teachers for reasons of Milan. Please correct me if I am wrong. I also know that the New Mexico School for the Deaf was founded in the latter 1880s by a Deaf Person. I don’t believe Bell worked in the West either. One of the letters by Veditz to Bell has Television in it. Curious now, follow up later.

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