Netflix Raises Prices and Snubbing the Deaf again…


I rejoined Netflix after they announced that they will caption their online streaming movies several weeks ago. It was okay, until I read the news today.

It was reported today that Netflix, Inc., the popular online video rental company is raising prices to accommodate the increasing demand for online streaming video and Blu-Ray DVDs. They raised prices some of its subscription plans by $1.00 dollar per month. Netflix is working hard to evolve as Internet streaming goes mainstream because more people purchased high-definition TVs to be connected to the Web.

Netflix also reported that they have more than 16 million members in the U.S. and Canada, with a possibility of gaining another 2.1 million to 2.9 million customers by year’s end. It may mean that in two years, the service’s size will double. Whoa, that means 32 million subscribers.

Let’s translate that into dollars..

19 million customers by January 2011 equals to 19 million dollars added to the subscription charges per month. That is 288 million dollars in a year!

I currently use Blu-Ray DVDs, and I subscribe two DVDs at a time to be shipped to my house. It means that it is going to cost me $17.99 dollars per month, not including taxes. It is $19.20 dollars per month. Let’s multiply that for one year, $230.40 dollar subscription for one household. My own home and my moolah!

$230.40 dollars times millions of customers. Netflix gets billions of dollars. BILLIONS!

Now, guess what? The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings said that he wanted this company to shift their focus to lure more customers to stream their videos than subscribing DVDs.

Yes, I did say that.

They want to raise money and they cannot even provide a damn search field for us to find a captioned/subtitled movie available online? Also they only provide a tiny fraction of movies out of their massive inventory with captions?

One website, called nc-mac-asl’s blog spent hours finding online streaming movies with captions and made us easier to find them. Check this blog here.

Approximately 300 videos out of 100,000? That is .0003 percent!

Am I that really insignificant? I paid 230 bucks in a year!

You don’t care about me? Because I am just one customer? Netflix, you made a big fuckin’ mistake.

28 million Americans with hearing loss can benefit having captions/subtitles – and that translates BILLIONS of dollars for you, Netflix.

Go and get busy to fix this damn search engine to make us easier to find the videos and beef up your online streaming video inventory with captions/subtitles! One dollar increase per month from each household. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to do that.

Come on, Netflix!


Amy Cohen Efron

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15 comments on “Netflix Raises Prices and Snubbing the Deaf again…

I totally agree. I tried using the video stream or Wii to watch movies. and guess what I can only get DVD’s because streams don’t have CC at all… and they claimed they are working on it.. so of course I’m paying for all of the available service but because I’m deaf I can only watch DVD which means I have to wait for it in the mail and never can enjoy the movie from directly my TV…

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DEAF WORLD AS EYE SEE IT » Netflix Raises Prices and Snubbing the ……

Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

Posted a link on my Facebook to this blog, too. I agree, $20 a month is a lot to be paying for so little. $55 a month for cable is also paying too much for perhaps 30% captioned material. Even buying DVDs is not equitable…most of the extra material, previews, outtakes, interviews with writers/actors, etc. are also uncaptioned.

Solution? Heck, get DVDs free from the library, download Hulu movies, and so what if these are limited like Netflix products. We don’t have the time anyway to waste on the couch.

Sure looks like you’ve had enough.

Girl… you rock! You have an uncanny knack of making figures come to sense. Please do keep us informed about the progress with Netflix. What shall come out of this? We should be paying like $6 a month, NOT $16 plus dollars.

Just now read the press release on Netflix. They are PLANNING TO PHASE OUT DVDS BY MAIL.

These were our best source for captioned material and when they have closed off the DVDs, we will be dependent on a narrow selection of CC movies and on a fickle internet connection.

Not worth it for me to join up. I’ll use the money to buy DVDs and trade them online or rent from Redbox.

LOL you did just say that.

Understandable why you’re pissed.

I don’t use Nexflix so, I have no clue about anything there. I use Redbox and it works for me.

[…] alone in doing so. Amy Efron at “Deaf World as Eye See It” unsubscribed from Netflix and also wrote an angry blog about her […]

Hey amy this is Spencer. we talked today on netflix. thanks for letting me know about your blog. I wanna say good luck in all your efforts to raise awareness. I hope that us at netflix can do our part for ya!

I’m glad you’re writing about this! Hopefully Netflix will make more of an effort!

p.s I love your The Greatest Irony video, could I have permission to post the embedded youtube video on my tumblr (you can see the link to my tumblr in my website info), linking back to your website of course. Let me know, thanks!

It looks like things are going to get even worse at Netflix, they are starting to REMOVE captions from the DVDs by mail! According to a report at the Blu-ray version of Up! has been intentionally modified to remove the captions option!

Netflix Faces Two Class Action Lawsuits over Captions & Customer Data Look for March 18, 2011 if the above URL don’t take you directly to it.

Down in the blog a bit are links to lawyers who in turn invite us to become part of the class.

[Last post here is four months ago. I don’t know if this will get to anyone or not. You may already all know about it.]

[…] alone in doing so. Amy Efron at “Deaf World as Eye See It” unsubscribed from Netflix and also wrote an angry blog about her […]

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