Hello folks,

I signed up to watch the LIVE online streaming forum called #VRS Interoperability Now led by Sheri Farinha tonight. This is an historical first for consumers to watch all VRS companies’ engineers to meet together and discuss about interoperability issues. All six VRS companies are invited to participate in this forum.

I learned… FIVE VRS companies showed up. Three representatives showed up in person at Sacremento, California, and two representatives showed up remotely through their video feed.

Except one…

Sorenson Communications.

Sorenson, the largest VRS company who holds at least 80% of share of all deaf and hard of hearing consumers using VRS service. Sorenson is also the largest VRS provider that we, the consumers complained the loudest about their products for not being interoperable with different companies’ products, most especially their video mail feature. Recently in several days ago, with an intense pressure from the community, Sorenson made an announcement that they will have their video mail feature interoperable by December 2014.

My question is for Sorenson…

Where are you on Friday, September 19, 2014 at 8pm EST? Why didn’t you appear at the forum with five other VRS companies?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I, myself wanted to THANK YOU to CAAG Relay, Convo Relay, Global VRS, Purple Communications, and ZVRS for your participation. It shows that you care about us, the VRS consumers.

Sorenson, I am disappointed in you. I look forward to your response why you didn’t appear at the forum.

Amy Cohen Efron

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Wow. That is really sad. That shows how much Sorenson cares for their customers. Ouch. And they’re in Utah, neighbors with California.

Again – we are what we called “CASH COW” to investors for $$ from government agencies. @80 percent of that VRS business, that’s pretty a lot of $$ for them to earn without giving other deaf workers with no benefits. So where is the best FORTUNE 500 companies for deaf people to work with ?????? Its interesting how we deaf community are really accepting but not outspoken much.

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