CNN iReport – iPad/YouTube Captions Incompatibility

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share this great news with you all. I have decided to sign up iReport yesterday with hopes that my video will reach out to the larger audience to learn about the problems we face everyday.

I am on the top news as “iReport: Deaf woman calls for captions on the iPad” Go click on the image below.

So far it has 862 views in about an hour! I hope this will make a difference!

Amy Cohen Efron

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7 comments on “CNN iReport – iPad/YouTube Captions Incompatibility

Well done! (both hands waving high!)

Great work. I’d love to see lInks to the iTunes complaint site… And maybe other blogs on the issue could be linked to…

You are amazing! Thank you!

Very good new for you about CNN show video. I saw video and was mad no CC on youtube on iPad. New machine should have simple CC.

About VRS. Do you know about what happen to VRS new more and more see poor quality to interpreters?

Read and let us know what think please and please share and complain to FCC about high $$$ and poor quality worse and worse.

We want Stop Lousy VRS Service Now! Complain to FCC! See here:

Hi, Ich bin interessiert an Ergebnisse mit dem neuen Ipad. Hat es jemand getestet? Kann man es empfehlen?

Hi, Ich bin interessiert an Tests mit dem Ipad 2. Hat jemand das Gerät? Kannst du es bewerten?

[…] the original iPad which did not include YouTube captions too. I even produced an open captioned iReport for CNN about iPad. CNN accepted my video, and they just don’t listen. Oh, the […]

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