Deaf Egyptians Protesting – See Video!

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Watch this!

UPDATE: 2/12/2011 : It brought to my attention that the original source who uploaded this video on the Facebook goes to Mostafa Emil. This video was circulated until it came to my Facebook page. Thanks to Alison Bryan for the tip. This video was embedded from the original website called : type Deaf in a search field.

Many thanks to Jean Boutcher for finding this video, and Sheri Ann Farinha for sharing this to our tight-knit Deaf Facebook community. The video includes three Deaf Egyptians explaining why they are protesting against Hosni Mubarak’s regime, using Egyptian Sign Language.

One person offered a brief translation of what these men were saying,

“Basically, he is saying… Even though he works, there’s not enough money to bring home, even afford his wife meager sustenance, lacking socks, basic necessities, and living with bare minimums. They are saying that their lives are similar to that of a blind beggar. I hope this helps. I really am grateful you shared this video!”

I consider these men brave and courageous to be there protesting for their freedom!

Mubarak stepped down, and Egyptian military took over today.

I wish these Deaf Egyptians know that all of us are watching this news. Is there an organization where we all can help by contributing something? Please leave a comment below if you do have this information.

Amy Cohen Efron

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My heart goes to these Deaf Egyptian men who braved through the chaos to make their speechless voice be heard. We are blessed with great government, great schools, great system…. Let us not forget that and return our support to the Deaf communities.

This was moving to see. Thank you for sharing.

It is interesting to be able to recognize some signs similar to Israeli Sign Language! I myself know Israeli Sign Language and can see signs for wife, job, in morning, eat, God, money – nothing. Same as in ISL.

Aw,Precious Amy! Thank you! And thank you so much for preserving this video by posting it here for us to find later in your archives! These Egyptians were sharing what many were saying because there was nothing open, Mubarak regime had closed everything in hopes it would cause ppl to go home, and many workers in other cities went on strike and joined the protest during the past week The momentum leading up to this day, wow, I was just so fascinated by how their protest was PEACEFUL, nonviolent, working together in unity as women, muslims, and christians highly unusual for them, and they valued everyone! This movement for their human rights was absolutely phenomenal! They kept their dignity, did not allow anger to control them, but rather determination and channeled their frustration and anger to peace, love, dancing, and chanting. They diverted every possible group who wanted to tag onto them to keep the protest true to be about the people. I kept thinking daily of those who had suffered enormously, of the Deaf there who needed access, and I am hoping we will see other Deaf Egyptians come forth with their own personal stories for you to add to your collections. Its wonderful to witness history happen right before our eyes, especially meeting and connecting with so many wonderful people from all over the world, and best part about it is we all had access – on Twitter. I loved it. What an experience I will never forget. Freedom for these people who are celebrating tonight. Tomw, the hard work begins.
Love & Peace


I am very grateful to you for posting the historic (!) videoclip because it would not be preserved by Facebook down the road. DeafRead is the ONLY place that can preserve in a vlogger’s or a bogger’s archives.

On an aside note, what has moved me still deeply is that an Egyptian rejoiced to NBC’s foreign correspoondent Richard Engel, “I will never again be ashamed of carrying my
EGYPTIAN passport.

Thank you once again, Amy, for your thoughtfulness by posting the precious vidoe here!

Gratefully yours,
Jean Boutcher.

this is a very important video

anyone know what the 2nd man (with glasses) meant when he signed like “cut tongue, cut tongue” ~ 1:00 for the play head. just curious

Sheri – really like what u wrote. i too was thrilled to see so many Women having active roles in this powerful act of civil disobedience

really this is VERY historic that a Middle Eastern country would be able to utilize truth force / soul force to implement social justice, social change, and out a dictatorship

ground swell – rocks as does civil disobedience

and as u noted Sheri – social networking tools were instrumental – Facebook, twitter – really they made it happen

as we have seen on smaller scales for the Deaf community

i know there is a lot of bad stuff out there – abuses and misuses of social networking tools – but there is ALOT of good that is possible with these tools. just need to be in the right hands and the right time with the right goals and SOUL FORCE / TRUTH FORCE all the way

amy – thanks for being a big part of positive social change via our Deaf online community



You should be crediting Mostafa Emil for uploading this video to Facebook.

It REALLY annoys me when people do not credit their sources and vias, both blogging, Twitter and Facebook.

At least it has been partially done …

That is a general comment, too many people do it, and it was done on Facebook too (people clicked share, didn’t acknowledge where it came from). I watched people do this last night (eight times). Not to acknowledge sources is bad manners, and doesn’t embrace social NETWORKING for what it is. It is called networking for a reason!


I truly appreciate you coming to my blog and brought to my attention about the ORIGINAL source who uploaded this video. May I ask who is Mostafa Emil, and how did he discover the video? I sought for the embedding source, and it was from the website, called: and click deaf in a search field.

It is a human right to express ourselves. Thank you to these Deaf citizens for the courage to share their experiences, to be the truth, to help strengthen their nation. It is a powerful act to put your heart out there for freedom. Beautiful Egypt! May we have as much courage to shape a better future through noble communication instead of violence in our country!

Thank you for sharing this Amy and Jean!!
wish there is a way we can help them!

I am so amazed that several kind of social networking overthrown a dictator!
It worked.
Anyway, I watch CNN and ABCnews on TV and wonder about Deaf Egyptians involve in this massive rallies. I can’t find any sign language Egyptians at Cairo’s Tahrir Square from my own TV.
Thank for sharing this video.

Fascinating !!! All men, of course. It shows Deaf people are engaged with political events. I would love to know more about their sign language and their lives.

Impressed me, they can do the protest for their rights. May God Bless them!

My heart goes to the deaf Egyptians. May God help them for they are one of us, made in God’s image..I will think of them when I say my prayers tonight.
God be with you!

@Patti Durr: Tongues cut means deaf-dumb or deaf without education.

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first visit and just wanted to stop by to say hi there everyone.

Ohh I see the story of Deaf People Sign languages I understand them… I felt a lot of pain we are the same deaf world brothers.Hope They fight to live Hope the new goverment help soon.God bless Deaf People.

Ich bin auch gehörlos. Ich hoffe, bald kommt der neuen Regiegung. es soll besser machen?

True voice of Democracy heard everywhere. Those people wants equal access everywhere! I do hope that the government of Egypt recognize all people there are created equal, therefore equal access for everyone there!

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