Pebble or Rock?

Hello everyone,

I am back with a very short note.

I have shut down many posts on my Deaf World As Eye See It website that is related to Deaf Education and the whatnot. I have decided to change my focus on blogging on specific topics that is IMPORTANT to me and yet keeping my boundaries very clear with the global internet community. Please respect my boundaries.

I wanted to thank you all of my readers, viewers, commenters and supporters who have been following me for almost four years.

I learned that…

I was a pebble. I got thrown into a pond and I caused ripple effects.

That was good, but…

Being a pebble is not enough. It is small. Tiny. Lonely. Sole voice. Just a peep. Easily silenced.

It is time for all of us as little pebbles, to be infused into big and massive rock. The rock is solid. Unmovable. Strong. Cannot be overcome. Definitely LOUD!

I am willing to be a part of the rock. Are you?

Amy Cohen Efron

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8 comments on “Pebble or Rock?

Depends on where the rock is going to be thrown. Lol….


Amy –

u rock!

and yep commUNITY building is really important

first we must seek the COMMUNE part of it – the common goals and common sense

lots of crapola out there – we just keep our eyes on the prize and move forward

wont have EVERYONE on the same page ever. Within the Civil Rights Movement there were many many many different groups with many many many different approaches but the would all come together from time to time for the greater good

we see this on some critical issues, yes?

Unity for Gallaudet protest
Netflix captioning
Deaf schools preservation
Preservation and expansion of American Sign Language
Bilingualism-Biculturalism (and Multi) as opposed to AVT / Oral-aural-ONLY
Cochlear implant safetyPolice and Judicial system treatment of Deaf individuals
Employment opportunities
Deaf representation in the media

u and many other important b/vloggers and activists have been a critical part of this groundswell and social change

im very glad u will be continuing to b/vlog

u make a difference as an individual and as part of a collective and concerted effort

we do see progress

we shall over come

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”
~ Gandhi




One little pebble thrown into a pond may be insignificant, but many pebbles thrown in can change the contour of that pond!

Although we have not agreed on some things, I think we do agree on many of the important things (as Patti points out), and your voice is a valued one. I, for one, would be sad to know your “voice” has been suppressed or silenced. We need more pebbles like you!

Amy, you’re not a little pebble, but a splashworthy rock! More like you and we will certainly see bridges grow out of the pond!

You were the big rock thrown into the water that tsunami-ized me to be the founder of Deaf Bilingual Coalition. I really thought that we had it going but….

I will still keep my ambition to take back our bilingualism that was taken away from Deaf people starting back in Milan 1880 and also Alexander Graham Bell’s advocat-ism to the Deaf school’s superintendent across the country to stop sign language and promoted the oral only method for all Deaf children in schools. That was the root of all the problems we are still having today.

Bilingualism: ASL/English is the Solution to all the problems we have with Deaf Education.

It is time for us to ROCK on…Big Time…it’s been too long overdue.

John Egbert


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