NAD’s New Era of Leadership


It just released this evening.

Howard A. Rosenblum, the new CEO of National Association of the Deaf presented this awesome video explaining about NAD’s New Era of Leadership focusing on future Deaf children. This video is simply BRILLIANT! A very brilliant marketing strategy that will attract more members and supporters to NAD. This video has captions.

I can see that this video will help NAD to expand their membership base to parents of Deaf children, Deaf young adults, and Deaf community leaders. When we contribute something to the deaf community to make the future better for young deaf children, then we are all LEADERS!

To find out more information about the Spring Benefit Gala, go to this link here.. There is a Facebook page dedicating to the Gala, and you can read all about it!

Kudos, NAD for a brilliant move!

Amy Cohen Efron

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Very nice. Also would like more Gala events like that in Greater Los Angeles area in the near future? Thank you

Beautiful! The children are absolutely beautiful!!! NAD Law did not assist me in my time of need since 1994 and it opened my eyes NAD Law is still in its’ infantile phase. It does not serve every Deaf person, no matter how dire his/her circumstances requires a lawyer immediately to save his/her livlihood. So much has been lost and plenty of Deaf people in U.S.A. end up grieving unnecessarily due to lack of lawyers. It is a fact of life.

we will be seeing you all. Let us support NAD… Stan and Marie Please reserve a table in the front for Igor and Eliabeth. They want us to sit with them. Igor needs an interpreter since he has visual impaired. thank you

Please contact NAD for your accommodation needs. It is important for you to contact them directly.


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