It is just in… Google made an announcement today that they created technology called “machine-generated automatic captions” which makes captioning easy for online videos.

Google partnered with PBS, National Geographic, University of California, Berkley; Stanford, MIT, Yale, UCLA, Duke, UCTV, Columbia, Demand Media, UNSW and YouTube channels.

Hulu.com offered captions on some of the videos, and Google made a giant leap forward to make this automated.

Netflix and Disney – it is time for you to stop making excuses about not having technology available, or making ridiculous marketing decisions. Shape up and get it moving!

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2 comments on “Go GOOGLE! Hurray HULU! Shoo NETFLIX! Boo DISNEY!

Aye Amy! Good summary.

~ L

Amy, you are right. Why UP movie is not going to be subtitle. My older daughter say it is so cute.. she surprised to learn that it will not be able subtitle that movie by Disney!
Of course! the companies don’t care about that and consider Discrimination for 39 million Deaf people cannot watch that movie or any kind of films from Netflix. Pissed me off.

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