Star Jones’ Valuable Lesson from Matlin


Woke up from my happy daze after watching last night’s Celebrity Apprentice. It felt GREAT knowing that Marlee Matlin did kick BUTT!

The old saying, “Deaf people can do anything but hear”, bleah. Discard this.

The new saying, “Deaf people can kick butt when it comes to raising money!” – Dedicated to Marlee Matlin!

A recent tweet sent by Star Jones, from Team A.S.A.P. regarding Marlee Matlin,

My girl @MarleeMatlin is so forget she is deaf! Great example of how limitations are what OTHERS place on you.

Basically, we ALL have our differences, and it was the society who limits us, which makes us disabled.

The more exposure Marlee have, the people start to understand that she is no longer the ‘deaf’ actress. She is an actress who is very clever, classy and competent!

Let this be the lesson for :

Human Resources Specialists,
Parents of newborn Deaf babies,
and everyone else.

Thank you, Star Jones for your tweet.

Amy Cohen Efron

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4 comments on “Star Jones’ Valuable Lesson from Matlin

I thought it was funny how they raised almost 1 million dollars to provide HEARING AIDS to kids, so THEY CAN HEART… She could have picked any charity any cause but she choose to provide deaf kids with the ability to hear. Not to learn ASL or anything but to hear…. Go Marlee, you make us hard of hearing folks PROUD!

Yeah, a raised $1 million dollars for the Starkey Hearing Foundation. That’s enough for 20,000 to 30,000 free hearing aids. They give away about 100,000 free hearing aids each year and that number has gone up significantly over the last few years. To date, they have donated almost 500,000 free hearing aids to deserving kids.

Yeah, Marlee kicked ass…in a good way!

Woot! The perfect remark she made!!! Way to go!!

I am not really impressed. Micheal Jackson is extremely popular so that help some, but we all know that people who deal hearing issues for a living make a lot of money and I am sure some of these money came from them since she said mostly her donors pitched in.

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