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One commenter asked me to give a video demonstration in how to use ZVRS’ ZRemote. I downloaded an app, Z4 on my iPhone, and used Z4’s ZRemote to dial out the number. My ZRemote sends a wireless signal to the ZBox, and then it prompted Z-20 to dial a number.

Yeah, a lot of zzz’s that will make you tizzy.

Here’s the videoclip!

Nifty, eh?

Amy Cohen Efron

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For anyone who may not have iPhones but do have iPod 4G (no idea about earlier version but worth a try). That does work. However I don’t think android phones would work. I tried my EVO, no luck but tried iPod 4G, it does work beautifully.

So you can be aware……


Sorry…forgot to add another thing, thanks to someone with name wri79(whatever the rest of numbers, sorry) for mentioning other device that would work with z-remote is iPad.

So far, iPhones, iPods, iPads….so what else?

I hope ZVRS is working on improving that similar for android phones like I do have my EVO.


I recently spoke with ZVRS customer service. He said ZVRS is working on android to develop ZRemote app and expect to get it done before 2012. Hope ZVRS will get us the best Christmas gift to get ZRemote app.
Thanks Amy to show us.

well I am considering but this is getting closer to making a decision. Sorenson has always been ok they could do better.. don’t know what their problem is but… monopolozing isn’t good and that is what they are doing..

Are you going to be ms. Z? just kidding. Nice feature, you showed. Thank you

Hahahah, Ms. Z? That is funny. Just a happy customer and I’m bragging about this product. It feels nice to embrace new changes, and I’m glad I have my choice to do whatever I want with MY 10-digit number.

Since you switched to ZRS, has Sorenson demanded you to return the equipment of VP200 to them?

Sorenson called a day after ThanksgivIng asking me why I ported my 10-digit number to another provider and told me all of ‘new’ features with their newest product, nTouch VP. See my blog called “Sorenson is Desperate!l

No, Jean, once ZVRS contractor installs Z20 and ZBox. He/she’ll pack Sorenson VP, its own router, book and whatever Sorenson items in the box and ship out to Utah right away.


Disclaimer: Im a Z Specialist working for ZVRS in west region. I had spoken with a technical representative in Business Video Solutions (BVS) department which specialize for business and government accounts, high end users and Z-150/Z-20 videophones.

Currently, 150 and 20 can directly communicate using H-263+ video compression technology which enables you the users to see in higher quality video streams in HD. Unfortunately, the ZVRS VRS platform still using the H-263, very old technology but proven very reliable/useful over the years. Good news, ZVRS BVS is now working on H-263+ for VRS relay calls and will be activated by the end of this year, if not early next year.

How exciting!

As one of the engineers implementing what Chad is talking about, I can tell you that Chad meant to say H.264, not H.263+.

Soon, many of the Z phones will be largely interoperable using H.264 AVC baseline. This will include the Z4, Z150, and Z20 videophones, as well as VRS dial-around calls to ZVRS.

Not all will, however. Case in point: the Creative Z340 and Zojo are end-of-life hardware, and will only be able to interoperate with other phones using H.263, much as the Dlink DVC-1000 and VP100 are only capable of as well.

Simply put, H.263 is required for backward compatibility. All Z phones are capable of H.263, as are videophones from Purple, SNAP, and the other VRS providers.

All Sorenson nTouch PCs have problems with H.263, and nTouch Mobile doesn’t support H.263 at all. This lack of backward compatibility results in black video calls to/from these Sorenson videophone products.

Again, Sorenson nTouch VP is reported to have H.263 as well as H.264 support. I only hope that it advertises H.264 in it capability set without having to pretend to be another Sorenson, which is what the VP200 does today.

Er, sorry about that Chad, I meant John was mistaken. I’ll have a private chat with John, and apologize in person to Chad 😉


I realized of my honest mistake regarding a comment I posted regarding the H-263+ and H-263. After reviewing on other sources on various video compression technologies. I conclude the ‘VRSengineer’ is right! I’m very sorry for the confusion I had made.

H-264 not H-263+ as I had thought.

Huge kudos to engineering team for implementing it for ZVRS products.

you had to get up and press dial ? too much hassle ! Sorenson remote does all ! BOO Z !!!!! you kept pressing the logo on the z apps on your iphone and it doesnt work after several attempt ? other junk apps as well !

I was LAUGHING when you had to get up and press dial !

JUNK demo !!!

Think twice before you post something, try something better !

go Occupy somewhere !

Windy city,

You are trying my patience with your comments that are attacking me personally. I don’t attack you directly, just to the companies. I am asking you to stop harassing me with your attacks. Consider this be as a warning. Thank you.

You can continue leaving comments about ZVRS except attacking me.

Windy City,

Wow, a personal attack and all you can do is to make any attacks personally as you see fit? Go and troll some where else.

Amy is trying to demonstrate Z product as requested by other viewers.

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